Victory against polio

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Petya suddenly fell ill. Yet in the morning he was cheerful and cheerful, and the day became lethargic and sluggish. Small runny nose, cough and fever were given the basis to think that ill health is caused by cold, and small vomiting suggested about gastric disease. Lethargy and sleepiness at times gave way to some unknown excitation; the boy was annoyed by loud noises, bright lights. Sometimes his mind was darkened, and he ceased to know the parents.
The child was still too small to explain what was happening to him, and could not even complain of a headache. But when the parents were corrected him with a blanket or changed clothes, they could not fail to notice that every touch was painful for him. It was enough for the slightest reason, that the child has started to sulk and cry.
This continued for several days, after which, it seemed, was a relief. The temperature dropped, the sleep improved, appetite. But suddenly, my parents revealed that the boy could not move her leg. Now they realized that the disease son was not an ordinary flu or sore throat, and that the disease is much more serious. Invited the doctor confirmed the fears of parents and said that the child has been ill with infantile paralysis - polio.
Great sorrow came to the family. You will need many months, and maybe years to recover, at least partially, the movement of the affected muscles. Only medical treatment, perhaps even the use of prostheses and special footwear will be able to put the patient on his feet.
And here is another case. Nineteen-year student Sasha N. spent vacations on the Black sea. It is well recovered, strengthened and turn, but before leaving he felt unwell. In the train malaise increased, and soon the student was taken to hospital with paralysis of the arms and legs, with extremely difficult breathing. Only the application of a special apparatus for artificial respiration prevented a deadly outcome.
The same disease that paralyzed the foot barely started to go baby, struck the young man, in the full bloom of life.
What is the essence of polio is a disease that kills both the child and adult?
For polio most characterized by loss of nerve cells of the spinal cord that control muscle movement. Since these cells are located in the gray matter of the spinal cord, the disease called polio (in Greek "full" - "grey", "Miele" - "spinal cord").
Found that polio has the most diverse manifestations. However, there are three basic forms: paralytic, neparametricheskoi and abortifacient.
Paralytic form accompanied by paralysis of the muscles. For the most part this paralysis of muscles of the legs, rarely of the hands or other body muscles. The situation is especially complicated when it paralyzes the respiratory muscles and the patient at risk of dying from suffocation. In such cases, to save the life of the patient, requires the use of special urgent measures.
How long can last period respiratory disorders can be seen on the following facts. During a trip to America Soviet doctors saw two patients who within a half years only breathing with the help of the apparatus for artificial respiration. The same apparatus saved the life and student N., about which we spoke above.
Neprilichnye form of polio is only weak signs of defeat of the Central nervous system and is rarely fatal. This form of the disease is difficult to recognize. It is also difficult to recognize and easy, isolated form of polio, which flows with no signs of brain damage, reminding flu, sore throat or colds.
It is important to note that the relatively mild cases of illness without paralysis no less dangerous from the point of view of the spread of infection than the cases with paralysis.
Polio is a disease, known in ancient times. There is reason to believe that, for example, in Egypt he met more than five thousand years ago. Famous Russian doctor Dyadkovo almost a hundred years ago wrote about the illness of a child, linked with the development of paralysis. On a number of grounds, it must be related to polio.