"Lose weight"

Obesity and excessive weight not only spoil the figure of a man. They have a negative impact on his health: in obese people usually do not work the heart, stomach, reduced working capacity.
Is it possible to struggle with excessive weight and how to do it?
You'll learn about it from the proposed brochure library "Physical culture and sport". Its author, George M. Aseev, a doctor by profession, says that what diet should follow people, inclined to corpulence. And most importantly, how to apply the most effective "remedy" - physical exercises.
Valuable practical tips to make the booklet is very useful for people who want to have a normal weight and slim figure.

Somehow, spending their holidays in rest house, I met an engineer Boris A. Petrov. We often walked with him on the ski walks, going on snow-covered forest paths and generally spend a lot of time together. I was struck by the dexterity, vitality and some inexhaustible energy of this old man. Its dense, well-knit figure with a grey head constantly flashed on the rink, Billiards room, then in the dance hall.
Punctuality Boris Borisov in the observance of the regime and its "physical" enthusiasm soon drew the attention of all tourists. It has set an example, he imitated,
Even his habit leisurely stroll after lunch through the alleys of the Park has attracted a whole group of followers.
Once I asked him:
- Why you never lie down or sit in the easy chair after dinner?
- Do you know what I was two or three years ago? - this question he answered me and told me about how he began to gain weight and become tucnica, suffered from high blood pressure and shortness of breath and almost became disabled.
Looking for slim, buxom Boris Borisov, it was hard to believe. Later during our walks detail I asked him how he managed to get rid of obesity and related diseases.
The story was interesting and instructive. At the subsequent meeting, in Moscow, he showed me a letter my friend, who helped him find the right way in the struggle with excessive weight and improve your health.
With the permission of Boris A. I and here is the history of its deliverance from illnesses and some letters of correspondence with each other.

Dear readers! If you start to gain weight if your body has lost a natural and beautiful shape, heart begin to "pass" and you are feeling short of breath, haste ye, and go to the gym or to the stadium, stand on skates or skis, visit the pool. Only there you will find "the best cure" for obesity. It is the physical exercise will help you quickly and pleasantly, without the pangs of hunger to be free from undue weight, regain stateliness figures, to get rid of many illnesses, and to reinforce health. Not without reason the famous French Clinician Yee argued that the motion as such may in its action to replace any means, but all the remedies in the world can replace action movement.
And it is best to avoid the insidious completeness! To prevent its observance of healthy mode of life, daily gymnastics, Hiking, physical labor and sport.

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