Polaryzacja - application canopy for individual protection from attack blood-sucking insects. The canopy is made from fine gas or tulle with a gleam cells from 0.75 to 2 mm Polaryzacja enjoy the outdoors and indoors. Polaryzacja particularly important in the areas of distribution of vector-borne diseases.

Polaryzacja - the use of a canopy to protect from attack flying blood-sucking insects (mosquitoes, mosquitoes, flies, midges, scratches, flies). During a night of sleep, enjoy individual curtains made of fine-mesh tulle. Gauze for this purpose are less suitable because the circulation of air through it difficult. In the room the curtains hung over the bed, and his seasoned under the mattress. When spending the night under the open sky canopy hung from the branches of a tree or to the rod mounted on poles. Canopy-tent for 2-4 people serves as means of collective mechanical protection against blood-suckers. Canopy-tent put on ordinary canvas tent which edges overnight raise. This provides good aeration while protecting against attack bloodsuckers.
Effective means of protection from flying blood-suckers also serves as a canopy made of fishing nets (bredneva Delhi) and impregnated with repellent (see). The size of meshes Delhi should not exceed 18X18 mm For processing canopy-grid use diethyltoluamide, benimino and other repellents, acting on blood-sucking Diptera. Canopy-net impregnated with an acetone solution of repellent in the dosage of 20 ml per 1 m2 of Delhi. In the daytime processed canopy-grid stored in compressed form in cellophane or oilcloth bag. Re soaking canopy repellent produce 1-2 times a month. Application canopy-grid is especially useful in hot climates, as the coarse del, from which he stitched, provide adequate ventilation air.