Sexual maturity

Under the condition of puberty barely blows to understand the achievement of the degree of physical development of the body, when you have full ability to physiological implementation of all sexual shipments - intercourse, pregnancy, child-bearing, delivery and infant feeding - without the harmful health effects. In addition, this concept includes also the function of motherhood. Among male adolescents should be to have the ability to copulate and fertilization.
The need in production of examination by definition of sexual maturity is more likely to occur in cases of sexual intercourse (both voluntary and forced) to persons who have not attained the age of majority.
As is known, the process of puberty is under the influence of various factors - social, geographical, nutritional, inheritance and other Observations show that to 16-18 years men and women are biologically gender, as a rule, are Mature, in the age of till 14 years - immature. Legislatively the marriage age was defined 18 years. However, local authorities are allowed in some cases to determine the age of marriage at 16 years. In RSFSR definition of sexual maturity is in the age interval of 14-18 years.
When determining the success (or failure) of puberty in girls first addressed the issue of ability to copulate - based research correct formation and development of the external genital organs, especially the vagina. Some girls and 14 years of age the vulva admits the Commission of a sexual act. Fertility is associated with the manifestation of ovarian function - ovulation and the subsequent onset of menstruation. The timing of menstruation is extremely varied and depend on the social and living conditions, nutrition, climate, national and individual characteristics. Usually menstruation appear in the period from 10 to 16 years. The ability to bearing fruit depends on physical development. Under normal flow conditions pregnancy and gestation determine the capacity to deliver that depends primarily on the size of the pelvis. The woman is the mother should be able to feeding and educating the child.
When determining puberty girls in each specific case it is necessary to consider the totality of characteristics: General physical development, condition of external and internal genital organs, the presence of menstruation, the development of secondary sexual characteristics, the size of the pelvis. The capacity for delivery in girls can testify the following orienting the minimum astrometrically data: the growth of the standing 150 cm, sitting 80 cm; chest circumference: calm 78-80 cm, with expiration 73-76 cm; length of a trunk 56-58 cm; circumference shoulder - 30-31 cm; circumference Shin 40-41 cm; the size of the pelvis between the spit 29 cm, crests 26 cm, awns 23 cm; outer conjugate 18 see
Enough about the development of internal genital organs are judged by the shape of the cervix and the ratio of the length of the cervix and uterus. In norm at puberty the body of the uterus is 2/3 of its total length, neck 1/3, the form of the cervix cylindrical. If the cervix has a conical shape, and its length is more than 1/3 of length of the uterus, this points to the underdevelopment of the uterus.
An examination of the internal genital organs are produced by means of a mirror Cuzco and two-handed gynaecological examination. In those cases, when the hymen in witness is not broken, produce only two-handed investigation of internal genital organs through the rectum.
When determining the success (or failure) of puberty in young males mark the adequacy of physical development, condition of the external genital organs, the presence of functioning of the sex glands. Precise historical data: diseases and injuries of the Central nervous system and sexual organs, organs of internal secretion, debilitating and infectious diseases, the time of occurrence of wet dreams and their character, the practice of Masturbation, the beginning and the nature of sexual life, bad habits (alcohol, Smoking). An objective examination pay attention to hair growth on the face, voice, examine the thyroid cartilage, teeth, measure the length, chest circumference, exploring the penis, the scrotum, testicles, prostate gland, seminal vesicles. In some cases it is necessary to use additional studies (x-ray - with the aim of establishing a "bone age, biological - for research of ejaculate and others). On reaching sexual maturity among male adolescents can be judged on the basis of the analysis of data sets overall development, the severity of secondary sexual characteristics, extent of development of external and internal genital organs.
The establishment of puberty in Teens, male and female, in relation to a particular time (e.g., crime) causes great difficulties, since puberty lasts several years. It should be borne in mind that sex life helps to speed up puberty. Despite the complexity of the issue of sexual maturity, expert conclusion must be concrete and specific wording is reached or not reached puberty testify face.