Sexual intercourse

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Already under physiological conditions moment voluptuous sensations sometimes accompanied by a certain unconscious (unintentional) physical "cruelty", as, for example, sharp and rough movement, excessively strong arms, deep kissing, pinching, biting, etc., These sadistic, occasionally observed in varying degrees for some men, are explained by the fact that, being in sexual intercourse more active way, he preserved in itself echoes instinct struggle of his ancestors for the possession of female and enforced its understanding. Thus, full subordination of the object of his passion gives him a special feeling of sweetness. Lust and cruelty are closely related between themselves, it never escaped attentive researchers human nature.

The plethora of the brain with an increase in blood pressure during sexual intercourse and the subsequent sharp dip for people young and healthy safe. But in the elderly it can cause but headaches (from the dilation of blood vessels of the brain and overflow with their blood), and sometimes is some threat to health, and particularly for diseases of the cardiovascular system and more often in men with multiple sclerosis cerebral arteries; and coronary heart, especially if the sexual act was preceded by abundant food and much intake of alcohol. People with steadfastly hanged blood pressure (hypertension), particularly in old age, when it in one degree or another there and sclerosis of vessels, and also suffering from bronchial asthma, angina who have had previous myocardial infarction, stroke, you should be very careful to observe, when sexuality is known gently.
It must be borne in mind that during sexual intercourse and blood is supplied to a large number of hormones, in particular, besides androgens, adrenal hormones (catecholamines) - adrenaline and noradrenaline, which are of great importance to maintain the tone of blood vessels, muscles and heart, and enhancing cardiac activity, sharply increasing its need for oxygen. Heart and vessels are young and healthy person is able to quickly respond to these changes compensatory reactions. But for the body of a person suffering from a disease of the cardiovascular system or age atherosclerosis, this is an excessive burden, though of course at a reasonable attitude to the regime of sexual life, the latter is not contraindicated.
During sexual arousal and intercourse the woman's nipples swell, large and small labia overflowing venous blood; vaginal canal somewhat longer, vagina opens and soon after the beginning of sexual stimulation throughout moistened. By the end of the act before the onset of orgasm outer (front) one third of the vagina in women swells, causing local narrowing: formed the so-called "orgasmic cuff", densely covering the penis, allowing the partners begin to feel better mutual contact. At the end of orgasm woman feels a sense of warmth spreads first to the pelvic area, and then all over the body.
Normal sexual intercourse, brought to an end, the sense spilled heat the woman is replaced by the emergence of strong involuntary rhythmic contractions (ripple) muscles just sexual apparatus and especially fibroids (uterine reflex) extension of uterine throat. At this time, open and uterine pipes holes that immerses them in sperm. At the same time allocation secret Bartholin glands and mucous glands of the cervix. Thus the muscles in the walls of the vagina also rhythmically reduced, resulting sperm at the entrance to the neck with my mother mouth is as if under some pressure, which facilitates conception. Subsequent reduction of muscle groups involved in Matt reflex, from overcrowded vessels sexual apparatus woman begins a slow flow of blood and lymph.
At the time of this complex uterine reflex woman and feels the sensation of orgasm. At this time, it increases blood pressure, 2-3 times increase in breathing and dramatically increases the heart rate.
However, it would be wrong to assume that the sperm can penetrate into the uterus only in the presence of orgasm in women. There are many women who do not experience orgasm, but the conception occurs.
Due to the strong reactions and active role during sexual intercourse a man more tired after intercourse than a woman, and he needs a longer vacation, during which usually pays less attention to the woman. Therefore, some women mistake it for the indifference men, while after sufficient rest and recuperation interest of man to woman again increases and increases.
At the end of a state of orgasm is a General relaxation of the muscles of the genital organs and pelvis. The more violently erupted seed, the harder and more fully exempt sexual apparatus overwhelmed with blood and lymph. Sexual stimulation is temporarily stopped, a period of relative sexual nevozmozhnosti (refractory period).