Sexual intercourse

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The status of men and women after copulation seems to be dramatically different. The man relaxed, tired, inclined to sleep. Women voluptuous sensation kept much longer desire, even strengthened or, if it did not exist, it now only awakens. Therefore, the woman is much more likely require repetition of the act, whose the man as the highest point of sexual satisfaction, it reaches sometimes only at first intercourse committed in a row. However, immediately after ejaculation, that is, immediately, the second intercourse cannot start. Even the most patentnom man want a relaxing time at least 5 minutes. More often than not, re - erection usually occurs only after 30-40 minutes, and some men much later. At first sexual intercourse orgasms in men occurs more slowly and ejaculate is less.
A woman, no matter how great its participation in sexual act, is only momentary exhaustion, which is much weaker than men, and this early and often gives her the opportunity to enter into new sexual act. Some women need for sleep after coitus not only absent, but is replaced by a euphoric state.
Being after sexual intercourse among persons who abuse repeated sexual acts, sharply differs from a normal physiological well-being after sexual intercourse. Above them gravitate feelings some unexplainable sadness, fatigue, unpleasant satiety, appears heaviness in the head, the slowness of thought, reluctance to move, while after normal act there is only a feeling of light fatigue and sleepiness.
As far as individual sexual temperaments of the people, their General reactivity and constitutional properties, as varied each and psychophysiological processes during intercourse. Scientist Steckel and wrote that no normal sexual intercourse, as is sexual satisfaction, appropriate to each individual.
Most suitable for sexual intercourse should consider the evening before a dream, the more that the sexual act itself for some people is a kind of hypnotic agent. The period of night sleep well restores strength. Moderate and normal departure of sexual function is usually a feeling of satisfaction, euphoria, contentment and calming effect on the nervous system. Healthy people after sexual intercourse usually do not experience any unpleasant feelings. And the day after normal relations feel completely Sidorove and cheerful, perhaps even better than in the other days.
As a rule, to have sexual intercourse in the morning, before the beginning of the working day are not recommended. But as an exception sometimes you can prevent sexual intercourse, and in the morning only to those individuals who, for whatever serious reasons not happen in the evenings appropriate excitation, so you have to use an erection, coming in the morning upon awakening from a dream. However, it should always be borne in mind that sex is produced in the morning, often entails a state of lethargy and fatigue for at least the next few hours. It is a relaxing effect morning intercourse with more dramatically affects people weak and going within the band, which, after each morning intercourse can occur, so to say, "one day neurasthenia".
The average duration of sexual intercourse in young healthy people in normal conditions equal to 2 to 5 minutes and rarely comes to 10 minutes during their first sexual rendezvous. When you repeat the sexual act may be delayed, to increase, especially for people in a state of intoxication. In otherwise healthy people, but with a very lively personality or very strong sexual excitation, ejaculation can happen much earlier than this average minimum. Coming fast ejaculation with adequate erection does not reduce the strength of orgasm in men, but this accelerated act may be unpleasant for women, as it cannot cause she has sufficient irritation for the emergence of orgasm; it is necessary to emphasize that we are talking about a very wide individual variations, as many women not there is a direct correlation between the duration of sexual intercourse and orgasm.
Many men with age (typically after 35 years) due to the General decrease in sexual excitability the duration of intercourse is gradually increasing.
The duration of intercourse determines the time of ejaculation orgasms. The speed of onset of orgasm in women as in men, depends on many reasons: a great role here is played by the individual characteristics of the temperament. Orgasm in men, as a rule, it is easier and faster than women whose period from the beginning of sexual intercourse to orgasm lasts a half to two times longer. However, some women have time 2-3 times to experience orgasmwhile a man will commit a sexual act. At the same time, there are women with long wavy orgasm, which lasts for an hour or more, but this is rarely the case.
The intensity and duration of orgasm for women is much more variable than in men who have individual oscillations are observed much less. Re orgasm in some women with appropriate sexual irritation can occur only after a break in 20-30 minutes, and often only a few hours, while the man is through the more short refractory period.
If a healthy person after intercourse is not experiencing a sharp weakness and weakness, and after a short rest felt good and for work - it means that he has committed a normal sexual act and their potential is not abused.