Sexual intercourse

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Sexual life of a person in the broad sense covers all somatic (bodily), and mental processes associated with biology of reproduction. In the more narrow, common sense is sexual intimacy with accompanying complex psychosomatic experiences.
Sexuality is not only the sexual act, as some suppose, but all that is aimed at strengthening of feelings, on which sexual intimacy between a man and a woman, including the culture of sex and marital relationships in General. The sexual act as inherited unconditional reflex is an only final stage of the cycle of sexual life, but not the entire complex set of sexual life, which in humans is very dynamic and very determined by the results of the terms " circumstances. The end result of it (which is composed of many interacting factors.
Sexual intercourse (coitus" - intercourse, from the Latin "core" - to connect) is a final stage of the period in which continues to exist sexual dominance. Long before intercourse takes place a number of preparatory physiological, physical and mental processes, sometimes so deep that; they are accompanied by even sexual disorders. Therefore, for a better understanding of current physiological processor associated with sexual function, you need to know about what is happening in the body during this preparatory period. He starts from the age of puberty, when the blood strenuously come hormonal substances, and stopped only with the extinction of sexual function. Symptoms of this period create a General background of human behavior, not having a specific sexual colour and perceived as General revitalization (I. I. Mechnikov, V. M. Bekhterev, A. G. Ivanov-Smolensky), And only when there is sexual dominant, it acquires a certain specific colour, perceived as sexual desire.
Before intercourse always observed more or less long term" stage hearth dominant associated with increased sexual, passion and undivided domination thoughts and feelings about the upcoming sexual intimacy. At this time the purpose of immediate sexual convergence understood already quite clear. The increase of androgens in the blood, expanding blood vessels of the penis, promotes occurrence erection.
Sexual intercourse in humans is a very complex process consisting of a range of psychological and physiological factors, changing each other conditionally unconditioned reflexes as defined phases. Each subsequent phase may occur and is connected only after the previous one has reached a certain height development. In other words, no one phase may not occur and continue without relying on the physiological Foundation of the previous one. In healthy men without sexual desire does not come targeted erection, without erection impossible frictions, and without ejaculation is not orgasm. Each phase upon the occurrence of further not only continues to accompany her, but actively supports. In this way a continuous increase of the excitatory process, exciting all physiological systems of organism in General. All body functions are mobilized to perform sexual function and enhance the sexual dominance: is the summation of irritation - olfactory, auditory, visual, tactile and neurohumoral. Meanwhile another dominant stepped can't. End the final stage is the feeling of a man and a woman orgasm, followed by the state of discharge of emotional stress.
It is customary to distinguish between the following phases, of which the physiological basis of sexual dominance and consists sexual intercourse: neurohumoral with hormonal blood saturation; mental preparation for the rapprochement; cock with the emergence of erection in men; friction with the introduction of the penis into the vagina and frictions to get ejaculation orgasms; and final, or refractory, when after the sensations of orgasm comes a sharp decline of all the reactions more pronounced in men, temporarily disappearing libido. However, with the disappearance of sensual element of the spouses is not coming to a complete indifference to each other, remains the warmth of human love and gratitude for mutual satisfaction.
The man during intercourse all physiological reactions are faster and stop sharper than the woman who and the preparatory period more, and feeling sexual satisfaction comes later and more slowly, than men. If a woman loves a man, her mind is easier to set up on the sexual intimacy with him. Arousal in women and sexual satisfaction contributes to the sense of pleasure in men. His orgasm, accompanied by ejaculation, in turn, increases sexual arousal in women.
In most marriages with long-term sexual cohabitation is a gradual adaptation of the spouses to each other. They learn to come to orgasm together, develop themselves sexual skill, and differences in the onset of orgasm smoothed, although there are often very different individual characteristics of partners. However, the systematic repetition of the occurrence of sexual needs and their satisfaction in normal sexual life and certain conditions can produce durable conditioned reflex mechanisms of regulation of the sexual function - there is a stereotype of sexual behaviour, then there is a certain coherence, the harmony of sexual relations of spouses.
Voltage feelings (feelings) as in normal sexual intercourse and during analiticheskom are settled by ejaculation, causes enhanced the work of the heart and blood circulation, accelerated heart rate, quick change of narrowing and expansion of brain vessels, increased respiration, the reduction of muscles of the pelvis, rectum and lower extremities, abundant Department of sweat; consequently, the sexual act leaves a feeling of exhaustion, muscle weakness and a General depression.
During sexual intercourse increases blood pressure and heart rate in the phase orgasm sometimes comes to 120-180 and up to 40 breaths per minute, i.e. reaches the indicators observed in the most intense sports. Instant rush of blood to the brain can sometimes for a short time to impair mental functions. The conjunctiva of the eyes, face and ears from the rush of blood turn red, pupils dilate, eyes slightly protrude and become a kind of glow. Breathing is interrupted and shallow, at the end of orgasm exploding a few deep breaths. Due to the rush of blood temperature rises just sexual apparatus as in men and women. All the feelings and movements become disorderly. During sexual contact testicles in men are more tightening to the perineum, closer to the root of the member; this fact to some extent connected with the force of ejaculation and intensity of orgasm. Some men in the act there has been a swelling of the breast. Soon after the eruption of the seed these phenomena disappear. This generalized sexual reflex is accompanied by a certain emotional state and appropriate facial expressions. Thus, intercourse, especially rapidly committed places very high demands to the Central nervous system and cardiovascular system.
During intercourse happen some inhibition of the cerebral cortex and the release jesuslovesporn subcortical mechanisms, especially in friction (copulative) phase, the partners are to some extent involuntary, not always obeying the strict control of consciousness. During the orgasmic phase in General, the short-term loss of control over certain muscle groups.