Sexual characteristics

Sexual characteristics - a set of features that male and female are distinguished from each other. Sexual characteristics are initial, or primary, and secondary. The first is the sex glands - ovaries or testes. If the same individuals develop and male and female glands at the same time, it is called a hermaphrodite. Hermaphroditism (see) in humans is the result of abnormal development. Secondary sexual characteristics are formed during growth (see) and puberty (see) of the body. In men, they are manifested in the growth of a beard, mustache, the appearance of a low tone of voice and other women in the development of the mammary glands, in the emergence of certain of the body type and other characteristics.
Man and vertebrates secondary sexual characteristics are a function of the sex glands. The intensity of puberty people depend on social conditions, diseases and other causes. Cm. also the Floor.

Sexual characteristics are the signs that one gender is different from the other. The main difference is the structure of the gonads, testes and ovaries,the so - called primary sexual characteristics. Other distinctive features of each floor (see) - the so-called secondary PP - formed during puberty.
By the end of this period, the body reaches biological sexual maturity; it occurs at the end of morphological and physiological development and accompanied by the ability to procreate.
Male puberty is expressed in the growth of a beard, mustache, the emergence of a lower voice, and other characteristics, among women in the development of the mammary glands, fatty tissue, in particular the formation of the pelvis and other
Man and vertebrates appearance of secondary sexual characteristics depends on the activity sex glands; the growth, development and function of the latter is under the influence of pituitary hormones which regulate all these processes. The intensity of puberty (see) a person depends not only on heredity (see), but also from social and living conditions and other reasons.
The development of PP inherent in both genders, see Hermaphroditism.