Sexual status of the disputed

Sexual status of the disputed are subject to forensic examination. These include: belonging to a certain sex in the presence of signs of hermaphroditism (see); the attainment or non-attainment of sexual maturity; sexual integrity (see Sexual assault); current or former pregnancy (see); the presence or absence of signs of abortion (see); the state of the productive capacity: impotence (see), infertility (see).
The need to establish a controversial genital States occurs in the civil and criminal legal practice. In civil proceedings, such examinations are made, for example, when the divorce and alimony cases in the criminal - sexual crimes, criminal abortions, and so on Examination are made in forensic or hospitals, ambulatory or stationary (for example, when solving the issue of infertility) forensic experts with special training, or with the participation of medical specialists (obstetricians-gynecologists, urologists and so on).
The experts are required to follow the relevant articles of the law (criminal code of the RSFSR, USSR Republic) and "Rules of forensic medical obstetric-gynecological examination.
Cm. also Motherhood controversial, Paternity controversial.