The mountaineer bird's, sporysh

knotweedMountaineer bird's, sporysh (Polygonum aviculare L.). His green rugs scattered everywhere along the roads, in the village street, on common pastures, pastures, at the stadium. Will rasputaet their stalks through the land, will turn green grass-Moravka after a warm spring rains. Will come at her, pressed to the ground and comes up again and go on like that. Lives themselves. In those places where trampled her, she quickly becomes coarse, brown, but firmly keeps the earth, does not give her in grey dust developing.
Power knotweed. Scientists have found that it contains a large set of useful substances: vitamins C and K, carotene, tanning and bitter substances, dissolved silicic acid, essential oils. Herbal tea is very good as an anti-inflammatory diseases of the kidneys, gall bladder. Preparations plant is used in a number of skin diseases (acne, furuncles, some dermatitis). The infusion and decoctions of herbs mountaineer used in uterine, intestinal and gemorroidalnyh bleeding.
To collect the grass needs during flowering, when near the small oval leaves will appear where one is, and where and five plain pink or white flowers. Not everywhere at the same time blossoms knotweed. In one place only buds appeared, and the other sparrows are already jumping on the meadow, and eat his seed-beads Yes pluck the leaves. Love knotweed and chickens, geese, and call him knotweed, bird crap.
Prepare the grass from spring to autumn. Tear flowering shoots or cut sickle. Brown plants should not be taken, they are of little use and only litter medicinal raw material.
It is necessary to dry quickly, in the shadows, spreading a thin layer on paper or sacking.
In the buckwheat family, where is the mountaineer bird's, many medicinal plants. Highlander serpentine, maskrey, pepper, Highlander serpentine, pochechuynogo - they have long deserved the right to be among medicinal plants. They are all good hemostatic means, and each lot more of their own therapeutic advantages.