Polimery (Polymerolum) - polymerized autolove oil. Applied externally 1 times a day if streptoderma, eczema, pyoderma, cracked nipples, burns, etc. is Applied once a day. Polimeros contraindicated in medicine, caused by oils. Keep in tightly corked banks.

Polimery (Polymerolum) - primaryservername autolove oil. Applied externally for the treatment of burns, strepto - and stafilodermy, pyodermia, psoriasis, cracked nipples, and so on; cause once a day. Primaryservername sunflower and castor oil used in the same cases, inferior in efficiency to Primarolo. In long-term care on can occur folliculitis. Contraindications dermatitis caused by oils. Store in a well-corked banks.