Polyphagia is the excessive consumption of food. Develops mostly in connection with disorders of Central and peripheral nervous system, as well as with increased absorption of nutrients (rapid growth of the young organism, after a long hunger and others) or in cases involving increased to the body's need for nutrients (diabetes mellitus, thyroid goiter and other). Polyphagia may be one of the symptoms of a brain tumor, and meet in patients with hysteria, insanity, neurosis stomach, elevated secretion and acidity gastric juice. Sometimes the feeling of hunger reaches the extreme - the so-called bulimia. Treatment of the underlying disease.

Polyphagia (from the Greek. poly - lot and phagein is, to devour) - mnogodenek, excessive consumption of food caused reinforced processes of assimilation (for example, in the period of rapid growth youthful body, or after prolonged fasting or diseases accompanied by increased body's need for nutrients (diabetes, diffuse toxic goiter). In some cases, polyphagia is one of the earliest signs of these diseases, and the degree of manifestation of it testifies to the severity of the disease.
Polyphagia happens in the period of recovery from acute infection (eg, fever, and others). Clinically, this is a very auspicious symptom, caused by the real need of the body in the introduction of food as a result of active reparative processes in the recovery period.
Polyphagia also occurs on the grounds of false hunger when secretory nervousness stomach, especially if hyperchlorhydria and gastroskopia, in hysteria and neurasthenia. She meets some of the mentally ill, particularly feeble-minded; it is one of the symptoms of brain tumors.
Polyphagia can reach extreme called bulimia - increased hunger, ravenous hunger, coming in the form of attack.
In most cases P. lie disorders of the Central and peripheral nervous system.
In biology P. called polyphagy, i.e. feeding animals of many kinds of food.