Assistant medical officer

Assistant medical officer (wet nurse) - specialist with secondary medical education, working under the direction of sanitary doctor. Training of assistants, sanitary doctor is produced in the departments of sanitary paramedics medical schools. The training period is 2.5-3.5 years (see Medical education). As assistant medical officer may also be enrolled nurse, who have practical experience in the field of sanitary-preventive work. The main function of the assistant medical officer is the current health supervision over the sanitary condition of municipal, industrial, food and other objects, and also the status of an accomplishment of settlements. Assistant medical officer monitors the implementation of activities on prevention and elimination of pollution of the environment: air, water, soil hazardous industrial emissions, and domestic waste.
Assistant medical officer makes an examination of the sanitary state of the controlled object; is sanitary description of objects; shall collect samples of water, soil, food products for laboratory research; makes reports about detected sanitary violations; checks the implementation of the requirements of sanitary doctor and own proposals on elimination of sanitary violations; advocates hygienic knowledge (interviews) among the population; routinely manages the work of public sanitary inspectors in controlled facilities. Assistant medical officer under the direction of sanitary, doctor uses instrumental and other objective methods sanitary survey; data from those surveys pushes a map of sanitary surveillance, sanitary magazines available on the objects. The survey results are documented in a report, which must be familiar Director (administration) of the enterprise or establishment.
Especially important and significant role of the assistant medical officer in rural conditions. Working on the territory of rural health section under the guidance of a local doctor, assistant to systematically review the sanitary condition of schools, dormitories, housing, shops, food items, field camps and other located on the territory of the site of interest. Assistant medical officer is the organizer and leading executor of sanitary-improving and preventive measures. In its work, the assistant medical officer based on all providers of rural health of area and public health asset. Assistant medical officer is given the right of free visiting of controlled objects in any time of the day when producing their service certificates, signed by the chief sanitary doctor of the district; he has the right to demand from officials and private citizens the information and documents required for clarification of the sanitary state of the inspected objects and sampling for sanitary examination. Assistant medical officer working on the plan (schedule), which is approved each month sanitary doctor or rural medical site - local physician. Assistant medical officer improve their skills in special training in medical schools or the epidemiological stations, after which receives appropriate identity. When certification of physician assistants, occupying the post of assistant medical officer, accounted for an efficient implementation of the instructions sanitary doctor, the independent implementation of the current sanitary supervision, the ability to use laboratory equipment, skills methodology of sampling for laboratory tests and the ability to evaluate the results.