Assistant physician-epidemiologist

Assistant physician-epidemiologist specialist with secondary medical education, working on sanitary station under the supervision of a physician-epidemiologist. On a post of the assistant of the epidemiologist may be enrolled nurse with experience in conducting anti-epidemic and preventive measures.
The duties of the assistant to the doctor-epidemiologist includes: examination epidemic foci in single infectious and parasitic diseases; organization and conducting anti-epidemic and preventive measures in epidemic focus (identification and isolation of patients, the surveillance of persons exposed to sick, thermometry them, tagirovna, current disinfection and other); checking the fulfillment of instructions of the doctor-epidemiologist in medical, children's and other institutions; organization and monitoring of conducting of preventive vaccinations against infectious diseases (smallpox, diphtheria, polio, tetanus and others); documentation and development under the leadership of doctor of materials on epidemic conditions territorial area; participation in the promotion of hygienic knowledge among the population, particularly in the epidemic foci; control over proper storage and expenditure of bacterial preparations in treatment-and-prophylactic, children's and other institutions; participation in the preparation of public sanitary inspectors and the daily management of their work.
Especially great is the role of the assistant to the doctor-epidemiologist in rural area: it increases the share of independent performance of the assistant to the doctor-epidemiologist of anti-epidemic measures (quarantine, the surveillance of persons who come into contact with infectious patients, organization of patronage; identification of patients and suspected infectious disease of persons by household crawls; isolation and hospitalization of patients, organization and conducting of disinfection in the centers of infectious diseases).
For independent work in the centers of infectious diseases assistant to the epidemiologist must be provided rectal tubes, tampons for taking a swab from the mucous membranes of the throat and sterile banks for biopsy specimens for bacteriological examination, bacteriophages (tagirovna), baking soda, a bleach, thermometers. Assistant to the epidemiologist must possess the skills to take the material for analysis, preparation of disinfectant solutions, conduct epidemiological survey, know the methods of statistical processing of materials. All the work the assistant of the doctor-epidemiologist conducts under the plan approved by the doctor-epidemiologist.
Assistant physician-epidemiologist has the right, upon presentation of the certificate of employment issued by the authorities, to visit medical and prophylactic, children's and other institutions, flats of citizens for epidemiological surveys and response.