Aid in case of poisoning in the wild

The article describes the methods and means of assistance in case of poisoning in conditions of a survival in the wild.

Trying to survive in the wild, man constantly runs to eat something dangerous or be in contact with something poisonous. Particularly insidious in this sense, the jungles and forests, where there are hundreds or even thousands of species of plants and living organisms, the determination of which would be a challenge even for experienced biologist.
The two most common type of poisoning - food and food contact. Generally more poorly tolerated food poisoning. Symptoms can be very different. Special attention should be paid to severe pain in the stomach or throat, redness of the lips and mouth, vomiting and / or diarrhea, difficulty breathing, problems with orientation and the increasingly dark consciousness.
Try to pinpoint the cause of this or that reaction, and if you can't name a specific "culprit", store in an airtight package sample eaten or drunk to submit for analysis doctors (meeting with them is now your main goal).
To prevent infection, first of all, decide whether to provoke vomiting (if it does not happen by itself). Vomiting stomach is relieved toxic content, although access to health care induce vomiting, probably not worth it. An experienced doctor will put more accurate diagnosis and, when it is physically possible, will prescribe the appropriate treatment.
If professional assistance is not available, the poison as soon as possible to withdraw from the body, preferably in several minutes after the moment of getting into the stomach. Do not attempt to provoke vomiting if swallowed a poisonous substance caustic, corrosive, or is a petroleum product. In this case, when the reverse its passage will be burned his throat that can cause swelling, and people will suffocate.
If the reason of it is eaten by the plant, other food or medication, cause vomiting, his throat finger or with 1-2 teaspoons of syrup of vomitoxin root that drinking two cups of water. In the latter case, the stomach is relieved content 20 minutes later. Next you need to neutralize the rest of the toxins through absorption. Give the patient swallow the mixture of equal shares of tea, charcoal and magnesium hydroxide, or 25-50 g of activated charcoal. Subsequently, the poison out of the body naturally.
Actions in case of contact poisoning simpler. Possible signs of poisoning: a bright red rash, severe itching at the site of contact, blisters and even the appearance of symptoms typical of food poisoning. Your skin should be thoroughly washed with water, in order to clear the skin of poison. Apply a light bandage, which will protect the affected area from irritating factors in the external environment.
Stop breathing is usually accompanied by cessation of work of heart (and Vice versa). If the pulse is beating, kneel down by the side of the victim and uprites base of the palm of a hand in a point, which is located on the thickness of two fingers above the place of the descent of the lower ribs. Put on the brush first hand the palm of the other hand and shoulder belt navisite over the victim with a focus on direct hands. Vigorously push the upper hand on the bottom so that the chest of the victim dropped to 4-5 cm, and then immediately release the pressure. To ensure the flow of oxygen into the lungs of the victim, inspect the oral cavity: there are physical barriers to the passage of air, including got deep into my throat language.
Perform a massage at the rhythm of about 100 pressings per minute or accompany every 15 pressings three out of his mouth in a mouth. Periodically check the pulse.