Assistants of healing

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 ... In the clinic, led by Professor 
 C. F. Snegirev, near the portraits 
 famous scientists hung a portrait of a nanny 
 Makarova, out of 1000 
 postoperative patients.

There are medical institutions, in relation to which the mass of people attitude, say, reserved-fearful: for example, neuropsychiatric hospital - the word "psycho" makes some wince. Direction to other institutions - cancer - causes outright fear. These feelings can be understood.
With one of the patients I had somehow following conversation.
- Sending me to oncologists, you. essentially, half told me the diagnosis. Is it good for the psyche of a patient? Not better if I didn't know it?
But oncologists do not only malignant tumors. Oncologists are now more consultative and preventive work. Probably soon a visit will be as binding as a preventive examination of the teeth,
"And if I wanted to leave there?
This too is not what it says. I know hundreds of people who have been in oncologic dispensary examination and treatment. In some of them actually turned out to be a malignant tumor, and others - are benign growths or precancer. Thanks to the timely diagnosis and treatment they are healthy.
"But I can in the Oncology center to offer an operation, and then me, so nothing is going to work out that this is not cancer. And if the same operation done in another hospital, I would rather believe that it's not a tumor.
- You can understand. At least you don't try to convince you that seek the truth and only the truth.
"What to me is this true? If you cannot help, it is better to be ignorant. Calmer...
By the way, about cancer. His fear Probably all. Ultimately, in medicine all about. It is possible to cure suffering from cancer and not to achieve success in the treatment of patient with chronic rhinitis. To talk in the abstract about curable cancer is just as wrong as to say that the cold cannot not be cured.
The French have a saying: in medicine, as in love, do not say "always" and not say "never". It may be... some of my friends were the patients, who during the operation, they found a malignant tumor, according to our notions running. Passed after surgery years. Was wrongly diagnosed with a malignant tumor, or operation modifies the body's resistance and disease underwent reverse development, I do not know. These people are practically healthy.
The English traveler Francis Chichester was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. He was thought to be doomed. It was difficult to know how and why, but the disease retreated. After seven years he does alone round-the-world travel on the yacht and is part of the history of navigation.
The lack of transparency of such cases is explained by the fact that, if a person is cured of cancer him the diagnosis is usually not reported. About those who died from this, many people know.
Had to happen not just in hospitals or wards, "it is psychologically difficult for patients,oncological, hematological, heart attack and so on, In such departments of state of many patients, indeed, harder than others.
Immeasurably more responsible and role in these cases, all medical personnel, which must clearly imagine the state of mind of the patient, who entered office.