Defeats a combined

Defeat combined (combat) - defeat inflicted on several factors affecting the same or different weapons, acting simultaneously or sequentially. Combined damage is most possible in the centers of mass lesions (see), especially resulting from a nuclear explosion (see Nuclear weapons), as the shock wave causes mechanical damage, light radiation causes burns and ionising radiation - the total radiation injury - radiation sickness (see). All these types of injuries can be combined in different combinations: closed fracture or wound of a burn, burn - with radiation damage and fracture etc. is Possible the application of the aggressor chemical weapons (see) in the form of missiles, bombs, artillery shells loaded with standard, will lead to the emergence of combinations shrapnel wounds (rarely burns) infection (poisoning) wounds and General poisoning. Wounded in combination with burns occur during combined use of firearms and incendiary substances (Napalm and other).
For the combined lesions characterized by mutual heaviness of pathological processes caused by each of the destructive factors. This is especially noticeable when combined lesions involving radiation factor; thus, the wound with radiation sickness flows is particularly damaging and in turn affects the course of radiation sickness.
The same regularity, although not always so clear, manifested in other combined lesions.
Treatment of combined lesions difficult task; it should include measures aimed against each of the components of defeat and, moreover, taking into account their mutual aggravating influence. The main principle of treatment as early as possible to eliminate the consequences of any kind of damage, for example when combined wounds with radiation sickness is to achieve rapid wound healing, i.e. to turn the combined damage in pure radiation. As early as possible it is necessary to use specific means of medical treatment (anti-radiation drugs, antidotes and other).
The tasks of medical sorting (see Sorting medical) are: first of all, the selection of the victims with the combined lesions of the total mass affected, then dividing them into groups according to the types of combined lesions (lesions with participation of radiation, chemical factors, and so on) and, finally, the definition of each affected the type of lesion, which is the leading and requires medical interventions in the first place.
Cm. also, Wounds and injuries.