The defeat of the Central nervous system

The problem of the relationship between allergies and lesions of the Central nervous system (CNS) has long been discussed in the literature [1, 116-124]. Describes a variety of neurological symptoms. Nespecificescoe symptoms, as well as the lack of clear data on this issue, has led to a skeptical attitude of doctors to the role of Allergy in the development of symptoms of Central nervous system. In some patients, changes in the EEG disappeared after eliminating suspected allergens [125].
According to several authors, about 20% of children with Allergy to cow's milk observed lesions of the Central nervous system [1, 2, 9]. The exception of milk from the diet leads to almost complete disappearance of neurological symptoms and other manifestations of Allergy. However, it should be borne in mind that neurologic and behavioral symptoms in a child with allergies to milk may be secondary, resulting from the heavy defeats of other systems. Trying to explain the appearance of such symptoms allergies, can not forget about the likelihood of mental illness or organic lesions of non-allergic nature.

  • Allergic symptoms of stress and fatigue