Urinary tract lesions

It is considered that the defeat of the urinary tract is a rare manifestations IgE mediated allergic reactions, although histologically in the urinary system identified the same structural elements as in gastrointestinal and respiratory systems, namely, the smooth muscle layer, the blood vessels and the mucous membranes. The question of lesions of the urinary tract if you are allergic given little attention in the literature available on this subject publish quite small. Along with this, many studies examining the role of the kidney in the reactions of hypersensitivity (type II), including AntiDrive antibodies; it is about the syndrome?. Even more attention is paid to the role of hypersensitivity type III, including deposits of immune complexes, in the development of kidney diseases, the most notable example of this type of pathology is the kidney in systemic lupus erythematosus. A detailed discussion of the mechanisms and manifestations of hypersensitivity reactions, underlying diseases of urinary system, not part of our task. However, we consider it important to emphasize the possibility of development of all 4 types of allergic reactions in diseases of the urinary system. Hypersensitivity to cow's milk may occur affecting different parts of this system, and the mechanisms of violations are very diverse. Below we give the few data available about the symptoms of urinary tract and allergies.

  • Involuntary urination (incontinence)
  • Cystitis
  • Orthostatic albuminuria
  • Nephrotic syndrome