Malformations of the uterus and vagina

The underdevelopment of the uterus and vagina. Often there are cases when in adult women in General normal development of the uterus saves the form peculiar to the early periods of development. At the same time when the underdevelopment of the uterus, there are defects in the development of the vagina.
The uterus is it differs underdeveloped body and longer than her body, a neck. The body of the uterus is usually in a state of severe anaflaxia outer jaws hardly marked, vagina short and narrow, vaults are almost absent. The underdevelopment of the uterus and vagina is likely to be a partial manifestation General of infantilism.
These women have often symptoms of General infantilism: long, narrow chest, narrow pelvis, flat buttocks, underdeveloped Breasts with small nipples, no hairs under the arms; fabric little elastic and childbirth are easily injured.
The General underdevelopment of the genitals is expressed in the following characteristics: small vulva, insufficient development of the large lips of low fat, poorly developed, smooth or wrinkled labia minora and consequently dehiscence of the genital slit, and pushed in, low crotch, short and narrow vagina with poorly developed folds flat arches, small vaginal portion of the cervix with a dotted outer maw, through which it difficult to conduct a probe, a small uterus (2 to 3 cm shorter than normal), long neck. Often the uterus is in the position of giperreflexia (too acute angle between the body and neck). Pipes thin, very winding, folding lining of pipes poorly expressed, fimbria poorly developed, ovaries small dopasowa space is very deep, ligaments of the uterus little pliable, little stiff.
Menstrual function is disturbed; so, with high degree of infantilism, there is complete amenorrhea, when more than a poorly-defined infantilism first menstruation always comes much later, and is often seen dysmenorrhea. The number of loose blood also varies: in some it is very small, others, on the contrary, very rich. With high degree of infantilism there was an absolute infertility; in more mild cases of genital infantilism pregnancy can occur, but due to the insufficient development of the uterus for gestation often ends in a miscarriage.
Treatment of sexual infantilism limited to strengthening the treatment of the whole body. Recommended high-calorie diet, exercise, climatic treatment.
Bamyan hymen and vagina (atresia hymenis et vaginae). Bamyan sex channel in any Department called giatreia. Depending on localization impassable section we distinguish obstruction hymen, vagina and cervical canal.
Sardinia are the consequence or vicious development, or inflammatory processes during fetal life. The same changes can occur in various infectious diseases, mainly in childhood (measles, scarlet fever, diphtheria, fever, gonorrhea , and others).
Sardinia can occur in adulthood - as birth trauma and accidental injuries. In childhood Bamyan hymen and vagina usually makes no symptoms, come menstrual period, there are complaints about the feeling of heaviness and tension in the lower abdomen, local cramping, coinciding with menstrual periods, pain in the lower abdomen and lower back. Often joined by a common phenomenon: nausea, headaches, dizziness, palpitations, fever, etc., every month the symptoms increase and over time become permanent. Soon join phenomena from the bladder (frequent need to urinate) and intestines (constipation). Finally, patients notice a gradual increase in the abdomen.
When free patency of the cervical canal and vagina, but when zaradenie hymen emitted during menstruation blood accumulates in the vagina and pulls out hymen in the form of a dome. Further accumulation of blood leads to stretch the vagina in all directions and the formation of blood tumor - hematocolpos (haematocolpos) (Fig. 42).
Following the enlargement of the vagina in the process begins to take part and uterus. First expands the neck, and then the uterine cavity is formed of hematometra (haematometra) and hematocolpos (Fig. 42).
Education hematometra may occur initially, if there is an obstruction of the cervical canal (Fig. 42,b). Finally, there are the cases clusters of blood not only in the vagina and uterus, but in the fallopian tubes, ampullaria the ends of which this stick together (Fig. 42, d). The formed clusters of blood as a result of this stretch of internal genital organs sometimes reach considerable size and perform almost all the small pelvic cavity. Any accumulation of blood in these cavities becomes dense, viscous, becomes brown in color and tar-like consistency, depending on the collapse of blood cells, leaching of elements that admixture of mucus and kusimusega epithelium.
The penetration of pyogenic bacteria hemorrhage suppurate, formed by the accumulation of pus in the uterus-pyometra.
Recognition of this suffering does not present great difficulties. In the study of genital easy to identify fingers or probe obstruction of Maidenhead, vagina, or cervix. In the study through the rectum felt soft tumor, which gives a sense of subline.
Treatment of atresia exclusively online. When zaradenie hymen and lower part of the vagina can be limited to one dissection Sarsenova designated or removing partitions, closing the lumen of the vagina. When zaradenie cervical canal sometimes create an artificial opening into the uterus above Sardinia; at impossibility of execution of such transaction have the uterus to remove.