Malformations of the external genital organs

Defects of the external genital organs have to meet much less often. They are sometimes observed in newborns. Here we have to mention the underdevelopment of the front wall of the urethra (epispadias), which is sometimes combined with splitting the lower part of the anterior abdominal wall, pubic joint, the clitoris and the sphincter of the bladder.
Underdevelopment of the back wall of the urethra (hypospadias) is manifested by the fact that the opening of the urethra is in the vagina, but not in the area of its vestibule.
There are cases of Sardinia anus atresia ani (or move it to the vestibule of the vagina (anus vestibularis). Then there are bridges large and small lips, occasionally observed hypertrophic processes (extension of the clitoris, the lengthening of the labia minora). Treatment of the above-mentioned defects - operative.