Abnormalities of the ovaries and tubes

Abnormalities of the ovaries may occur or in an unusual increase, or in the sharp decrease, or even without them.
Congenital hyperplasia (increase) in ovarian, mainly their follicular layer, usually does not manifest itself in any deviations in their functional activity.
With a sharp decrease (hypoplastic) ovarian observed reduction and underdevelopment follicular layer. In such underdeveloped ovary or no egg cells and primordial follicles, or has the cessation of growth and maturation of ovarian follicles; hypoplasia of the sex glands, accompanied by mild secondary sexual characteristics, observed during infantilism.
The complete absence of both ovaries and tubes observed only in nonviable fetuses with other malformations. The absence of one ovary is also extremely rare.
No one pipe, as well as absence of one of the ovary occurs when monocorn the uterus and the underdevelopment of one of the horns of the uterus. In practical terms, it is important to know that elongated, thin and winding pipes are a sign of infantilism.