Heart diseases

Heart disease is a pathological changes in the structure of the heart, violating its function. Heart defects occur due to congenital defects (congenital heart defectsand heart disease after birth (acquired heart diseases). Broken structure of valvular heart plays a leading role in violation of hemodynamics in patients with acquired heart diseases.

Acquired heart diseases

healthy heart
Fig. 1 - 3. Healthy heart

Hemodynamic and clinical picture.
The cause of acquired heart defects, in most cases, is rheumatic heart disease, as well as sepsis, syphilis, atherosclerosis and injuries. Heart disease suffer usually people young and middle aged.
  • Failure butterfly valve
  • The narrowing of the left atrioventricular holes
  • The failure of the aortic valve
  • The narrowing of the aortic
  • The tricuspid valve insufficiency
  • Combined heart defects are more common than isolated. Very often, the failure butterfly valve combined with the contraction of the left atrioventricular holes or simultaneously see the defeat of the mitral and aortic valves. However, the clinical picture of the disease usually dominated by manifestations of one wrinkle. The condition of patients with combined heart defects is determined not only by the level of hemodynamic disorders in every blemish separately, but the combination of them in the development of several heart diseases.

    Treatment and prevention

    Treatment of acquired heart diseases in the extra period is not done, it is only necessary to avoid physical and mental fatigue. Shows the systematic application of physical therapy (see below). During decompensation, among other remedies, if mitral valve diseases prescribed drugs naperstanki; in aortic heart diseases preferable strofantin (see the blood Circulation, circulatory insufficiency). Currently widely used surgical treatment of acquired heart diseases (see below).
    Prevention of acquired heart defects is to measures for the prevention and treatment of rheumatism (see), syphilis (see), atherosclerosis (see); in resolving infections of the oral cavity, pharynx, and others, as well as in removing physical and nervous strain. Improvement of sanitary-hygienic conditions of work and life, fight against dampness, cooling are a necessary background for the implementation of the above preventive measures. To prevent the development of decompensated patients with heart disease must follow the correct mode: to avoid overeating, to use their free time to relax enough to sleep right to use vacation. Physical fatigue or stress can be the cause of heart failure. Patients with heart disease is contraindicated in heavy physical work; to mild forms of physical labour, they may be admitted only with permission of the doctor.
    All patients with heart disease should be on the observation in the clinic at the place of residence or place of work.
  • Therapeutic exercise for heart diseases
  • Surgical treatment of heart defects
  • Acquired heart diseases in children