Porphyrinuria (synonym of gematoporfiria) - the increase of the content in the urine of porphyrins (see). Observed in porphyrin disease (see) as one of the manifestations violated pigmentary exchange or as a secondary symptom in some liver diseases, anaemia, poisoning. Urine when porphyrinuria red.

Porphyrinuria (from the Greek. porphyreos - crimson and uron - urine) - increased excretion of pigment porphyrin produced in excess amounts, in violation of metabolic processes in the body.
Porphyrin is formed from glikokol and from close to acetic acid derivatives with pirellone the kernel, due to the violation of the synthesis of hemoglobin, myoglobin, catalase, peroxidase, cytochromes and is the intermediate or by-product of these hemo - or gemination. In the human body many different porphyrin compounds (see Porphyrins) participates in pigmentary exchange.
OK porphyrin in small quantities is contained in the feces and urine. Specialized tests detect small quantities of protoporphyrin and porphobilinogen, traces of uroporphyrin. Daily quantity of porphyrins in the urine depends on entering the body from the outside (exogenous) and formed in the body (endogenous) porphyrins. Reception magnesia, fats or alcohol, acid foods, as well as physical stress, sun, x-ray exposure, menstruation can significantly increase the number of porphyrins in the urine. To porphyrinuria also lead to infection, some skin diseases, the blood (pernicious anemia, hemolytic anemia and other), the liver (jaundice, cirrhosis, and others), introduction into the body of sera, vaccines, avitaminosis (especially deficiency of Riboflavin), some hypnotics (sulfonal, trional, barbitala, paraldehyde is recommended and others) and poisoning arsenovici compounds, phosphorus and heavy metals, especially lead. In violation of porphyrin metabolism occurs so-called true porphyria, in particular, porphyrin disease.
For definition of porphyrins and their isomers apply the color reaction, spectroscopic method, fluorescence, chromatographic studies, chemical reactions, electrophoresis on paper and fluorometric method, method of crystallization. Cm. also Pigments, Porphyrins.