Indications and contra-indications to surgical treatment of portal hypertension

Planned, well-prepared operation brings absolute improvement in the condition of strict observance of the principle of individualization.
The operation is contraindicated in zapechenoe localization unit (except cases Budd - Chiari), offset by portal hypertension when such decompensation of the bloodstream and liver function, when progressing ascites caused by degeneration and has expressed ammonium intoxication with the active process in the liver. In these conditions any operation will only worsen the disease and can cause an increase in liver failure up to hepatic coma.
In children is more common outside(up)hepatic form of portal hypertension. Bleeding in children as often as adults, ascites is usually stable, progressive and observed in decompensated stage of the disease, hypersplenism is often more pronounced, identifies deviations in kilogramme. As of surgical treatment in children-governmental Porto kavalenya anastomoses are relatively rare, more often applied splenectomy, combined with opentoolsapi. In urgent cases, with the blood issue, have to resort to lacing veins of the esophagus or to the operation.
Immediate and remote results in children are better than adults.