Succession period

Sequence of period - the third stage of labor, during which there is a separation of the placenta and the birth of the placenta.
After the birth of the fruit of the womb accepts the spherical form, the bottom it is located approximately at the level of the navel (see the Postpartum period). Occur in succession period contractions cause separation of the placenta and the expulsion of the placenta. The average duration of succession period 10-20 minutes
There are two variants of the mechanism of the placenta. Central retinal detachment - office begins in the center of the placenta. In the space between the placenta and the uterine wall begins to pour out the blood, forming a hematoma (retroplatsentarno hematoma). In this case, external bleeding, as a rule, no; the latter is born fetal surface outside. After the birth of the placenta is pouring out blood. The regional detachment - placenta begins to pull away from the edge. The first symptom of this separation of the placenta is the external bleeding. The placenta is born of maternal surface outside. At physiological course of succession period blood loss should not) be up to 300 ml

  • Maintenance of succession of the period