The consequences of the wrong sex education

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Not taking timely educational measures for these adolescents, we risk to allow the consolidation of negative properties of their temperament, influencing the disorder of sexual manifestations. These adolescents should be especially careful approach and daily control. For them it is especially important to educate resistance mood of moral sentiments, they especially need permanent employment constructive activities, activities in various circles, Amateur bands. And, of course, a good education, long-term commitment to each other, in which he at desire is to find more and more interesting quality.
These are the consequences resulting from lack of attention to adolescents and inability to manage their sexual development. Naturally, they are very bitter and bring the family trouble. They often change established in the family cosiness, prosperity, calmness. They spoil your life as the life of the teenager. However, being a humane people, we must be ensured even in such terrible cases of preserving the life of a teenager, help him to be re-educated, awareness of their errors and election other way.
There are cases (and, unfortunately, a lot) when girls aged 13-16 years of age had to lie mothers. For girls, early satisfaction of the sexual instinct is particularly dangerous because it is connected with the possibility of pregnancy, with a need to undergo a surgery and the risk to remain as a consequence childless life. Needless to say what the drama is experiencing and the girl herself, and her parents in this case?
However, the incident should not be viewed as do often caught in such a situation girls, as the end of life. Life, though heavily damaged, continues and must continue. What had happened to blame not only girls in trouble. This significant wine and boys who were with them in a relationship, and parents, not raised in a timely manner immune to bad. And if so, then you need to try to do everything possible not to bring the girl to tragedy, to suicide, to try gathered all the strength, the will and help it. Timely medical care - operation, if it is possible, will help wiser to resolve the incident.
We hope that after reading this book, you will be able once again to think seriously about the important stage of development of your child.