The consequences of the wrong sex education

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The lack of attention to adolescents, clumsy interference in their lives, incorrect application of the methods of pedagogical interventions lead to negative, immorality children in a very turbulent, complex, time of puberty.
We said earlier that in connection with puberty in adolescents increased sexual interest, they want to communicate with representatives of the opposite sex. Not being able to do that without having the kind and tactful Council of elders, they act as prompt friends, as it is known by its own nature. And it often, as if waking up, pushes for early sexual activity.
Experience a new and unknown sexual feeling, teen tends to repeat it and does it without critical thinking, without analysis, analysis of strengths, weaknesses, and especially health entered into a relationship with him.
Fascinated by the new feeling, a teenager is not trying to slow down your desire... He is constantly looking for new pleasures, which has become a truly obsession. We see that it was closed, something permanent concerned, uneven in dealing with people, restless. Even externally it had not changed, pale, and running eyes, some scared.
The non-critical, promiscuity, a constant desire for sex convergence can easily lead to sexual promiscuity. Teen wanting rapprochement, not think about where and with whom he comes into sexual intercourse.
Early sexual activity and promiscuity may lead to infection, venereal diseases, but can also cause mental disorders in adolescents. What are these effects?
We know that during adolescence are intensively developing all mental processes and thinking, memory, and imagination and feelings. At this age it is especially important to provide for a teenager normal quiet educational atmosphere in the family, so that all mental processes developed evenly, so that the body can successfully cope with the enormous burden that is associated with rapid physical and mental development.
But if the teen has already begun early sexual life, if it took all their thoughts, their interests only one desire intercourse with a boy or girl, if conditions in the family are such that it either finds Council and understanding, or are simply afraid to ask for advice, knowing the reaction of parents,- in such cases, uneven development of mental and physical in the body.
Busy new experiences, the adolescent becomes hard to learn, becomes absent-minded, dull, lays previously interested him a book or takes another, telling about love and the associated actions. His intellect in this case develops not enough, as all the emotional energy, spirits, supplying intelligence, go to the satisfaction of sexual desire.
The adolescent is not able, not learned to control myself. His will is not developed enough. Therefore he cannot stop and tell myself to slow down the rapidly emerging sexual desire. Following the lead of their desires, teen increasingly relaxes his will. On such a weak-willed people often say: "Pomeni their finger immediately realize what was happening, and will follow you." These children can't resist their wishes and desires of others, cannot resist the temptation.
Teenage girl Nadya caught in a labor baby colony for wickedness, he asked, how could it happen. Nadia said: "at First I had a friend Vadik. He was older. He told me to be friends it's not how I think. He convinced me that there is nothing bad... Now everything is wrong. We started with him to live where he had me, when parents were not, or he, or met somewhere outside the city. Then we quarreled and parted. And I made friends with Genoa. He was not like Vadik, and I was already not interesting to him. I considered it a "child". But then everything is normal. Gene understand me and always happy to come to me...".
You see, none of the named here guys didn't resist unlawful. You've heard said Nadia: "He convinced me (!!), what we should not be friends...". So no one except accidentally encountered Vadik, and did not try to prove the contrary? Means any work on the education of the girl's pride, honor, dignity and was not? And if there was any educational work, it is obviously imperfect, pale, weak, if he still was stronger. And then herself Nadia learned how to seduce other from the right path. She didn't resist his desire and encouraged him to others, such as unstable as herself.