Story about the methods of research of a condition of the kidneys ends our story. And this is, admittedly, not the truth of life. Because practical, for the sake of my own well-being, acquaintance with urology and Nephrology begins for a person with analyses and examinations. We deliberately did not go this way. Didn't want to simulate the process of treatment, to deceive the illusion of inclusion to that miraculous synthesis of knowledge and experience, ideas and skills, who alone is worthy to be called a Cure. Healing from the big letter.
To the joint work, the authors will allow myself to speak separately, to make two small points.
The instruction of the scientist. To live life without diseases, I think,is utopia. While it is beyond human capabilities, above achievements of science. But how to hurt and how much is largely dependent on himself. And that is not the case, so just beware, just to step back. No one is encouraged to perform certain supernatural rules, in which the names were listed would protective measures for each organ, each system of the body, and prevention would be painted by the diseases like an index. To get sick less, to be stronger, fitter, requires otherwise - to cultivate, even better absorb mother's milk few wise habits: to stick to the regime, not to overeat, to harden, honor, health, physical activity, avoiding Smoking and alcohol.
This is alpha and omega of a healthy lifestyle. Vote for doctors of all specialties - cardiologists, gastroenterologists, hematologists, otolaryngologists, neurologists, and so forth, urologists and nephrologists.
Modern educated person wildly not be, may, in General terms, the essence of his illness, unforgivable not to know the first signs of severe diseases, but Woe is to fall into the sin of omniscience and verkhoglyadova. For many years of practice I have found successful is treatment if the patient trusts the doctor and understands the meaning of his quest, assignments. II there is nothing worse than skepticism, fed with the crumbs of medical knowledge.
Information of the journalist. Such a field of medicine that its true Ministers should burn with love for each defeated by the disease and insensible to analyze the bread of science is facts. Nikolay A. Lopatkin from this galaxy.
Filename H. A. Lopatkin related to many of the achievements of the Soviet urology. The main merit of the following choir - the introduction of new methods of research vessels in the kidneys. N. A. Lopatkin the first in our country passed through the needle and the catheter into the aorta and in the renal artery into the inferior Vena cava and renal veins, putting the beginning of obtaining x-ray contrast of the image. The study of the venous system of the kidney led scientist for the opening of such diseases as stenosis, a narrowing of the renal vein, which, as it turned out, reputed to be guilty of wanton bleeding and other troubles. In the urological clinic of the II Moscow medical Institute was the first in the USSR applied artificial kidney, replaced by the patient of his hopelessly worn, wrecked a disease of the kidney is healthy kidneys man killed in an accident. N. A. Lopatkin has first mastered in vitro surgery of the kidney. It is taken from the body on the operating table and continuously washing with a special solution, literally reshape, correcting what was crippled by the disease, poorly constructed nature. When the world was made only 22 such fantastic operations, we - 11, and all - Lopatkina. And the world's first bilateral extracorporeal operation - it fitting to them.
Chief urologist of the Ministry of health of the USSR NV. A. Lopatkin and his colleagues have every reason to be proud that the Soviet urology emerged at the forefront of science and in the knowledge of the functions of its organs and the ability to correct done in their processes.
In the last 10-15 years has grown much stronger urological service. In Republican, regional and regional centers organized large specialized departments, created inter-district hospitals, in Moscow, Kiev, Tbilisi work in scientific research institutes of urology, all medical institutions of the Department and individual courses. Doubled over this period the number of urologists and the number of beds for patients. Immeasurable has expanded the limits of healing aid when it is possible to keep the kidney, suspend painful process. Guardians of the nephron - knowledgeable, skillful.

In the series "the Art of being healthy" publishing house "the Soviet Russia" has released the following books:
Shkhvatsabaia I. K. Motor for life. Member of the Academy of medical spider USSR, Director of the Institute of cardiology of the all-Union cardiology scientific center will talk about the heart - this unrivaled record of endurance, durability, reliability and his tireless ability to meet the rapidly changing demands of our body.
Kardashenko B. Ya. Not in a whisper, and aloud -" Merited doctor of the RSFSR lead confidential conversation with the reader, especially the youth, about how to insure himself from sexually transmitted diseases.