Supervision and care after surgery

For operated patients typically allocated a special recovery room, or several small (single, double) chambers that provide careful supervision of medical staff. Under the supervision and care of the operated patients nurse has with full attention to treat all his complaints, to assess the type and the expression of his face, behavior, peculiarities of breath, check the pulse, to monitor the accuracy and convenience of the position of the patient in hospital, the state of bandages, clean underwear and bed linen, skin and oral cavity of the patient. Toilet oral cavity cleaning of teeth and tongue, rinsing) - an important means of prevention of postoperative mumps. The request of the patient, not contradicting to the assigned mode, should be immediately satisfied. About all the alarming changes in the condition of the patient and his urgent requests, causing the nurse doubt, you should immediately notify the duty surgeon.
The operating wound after operations, complete suturing, requires almost no maintenance. Immediately after the operation on the wound over dressing put a bag of sand (pressure prevents bruising), which is removed after 5-6 hours. In the future need only to follow the bandage is not lost if she did not get wet if blood. In the latter case, the stain of blood smeared alcohol solution of iodine and podbitaya bandage. Rich drench bandages blood makes an urgent call the doctor. All treatment wound healing its primary intention ends with the removal of stitches on the 7th - 10th day, then for a few days close immature scar label. In the rest of the post-operative care is conducted according to General rules (see Nursing).