Postoperative period

The postoperative period is the time from the moment of removal of the patient from the operating table to heal the wounds and the disappearance of disorders caused by the operating injury. Uncomplicated postoperative period usually lasts 8-12 days; the duration of the postoperative period increases if the patient is greatly weakened and exhausted, and especially if you are developing post-operative complications. The tasks of the medical staff in the postoperative period - fighting caused by the operation disorders, prevention of possible complications and their treatment if they arise. All this is achieved careful supervision, care for the patient and a number of remedial measures by a doctor.

The postoperative period was the time of stay of the patient in hospital since the end of the operation and before discharge from hospital. More broadly under p.p. understand the time needed not only for the healing of the wound, the elimination of disorders and post-operative complications, but also to full organism adaptation to new anatomical and physiological relationships created by the operation. Treatment given after discharge, termed "aftercare".
To accelerate recovery and improve the results of surgical treatment in the first days of the PP used the complex medical-protective measures: bed rest, pain killers, sleeping pills. Since the 3-4th day, stimulate the main functions of the organism (drug treatment, physiotherapy, therapeutic physical exercise etc), taking into account individual features of the patient, the nature of the disease, age, severity of operative intervention, etc. PP characterized by the presence of some violations, natural after certain operations. Under normal postoperative for these violations do not cause severe functional disorders (uncomplicated p. P.). In cases when the operating injury leads to significant pathophysiological changes, p. P. certain postoperative complications local and General nature.