Potena apparatus

the device Patina
The Device Patina.

Potena the device is used for pumping out content from the pleural cavity. Consists of a graduated glass vessel (Fig.), closed with a rubber tube through which the two metal pipe with taps 1 and 2. One tube is short and ends inside the vessel immediately under the cork, the outer part of her rubber hose with side cannula 3 pump 4. On the other end of the tube that goes inside the bottle, nasazhivajut rubber hose, almost reaching the bottom. At the outer end of the tube put on a rubber hose that goes to the trocar or the needle. The entire apparatus, in addition to the pump, sterilized by boiling or autoclave dismantled. Having collected the device, close the valve 1 and several movements of the piston pump create negative pressure in a glass jar. Turning the tap off 2 going to the pump, produce (with observance of the rules of reimbursement) a biopsy of the pleura the trocar or needle, then open the crane 1. When this fluid from the pleural cavity is supplied in glass container. After the termination of a liquid close the faucet 1, open the crane 2, movements of the piston again generate a vacuum in a glass bowl and repeat pumping. After filling bottles to prevent the admission of air in the pleural cavity close the faucet 1, take out the cork and remove the liquid. After applying all equipment, except pump, thoroughly washed and sterilized.