Erect cinquefoil

erect cinquefoil
Fig. 37. Potentilla upright.

Erect cinquefoil, Dubrovka [Potentilla erecta (l.) Raeusch.] - wild plant. Contains tanning substances. Broth of rhizomes (2 teaspoons at glass of water) accept as an astringent 1 tablespoon 3-4 times a day before meals with inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and various internal bleeding. To rinse (1 table spoon of broth to a glass of boiled water every 2 hours) using well as tonsillitis, stomatitis and gingivitis, for washing, weeping eczema and other
Erect cinquefoil, galangal is a small, simple plant. The stalk him upright or rising. Leaves lace outlet wrapping around the stem. The Corolla of the flower Golden yellow of the four petals, at the red spots, and all other types of lapchatki petals of the Corolla five.
Forest glades and edges, damp meadows along rivers, grasslands and shrub with alder and willow are favourite places Kalgan. A plant that grows primarily in the European part of the USSR. Widely distributed in the North-West. A narrow strip wedged in Western Siberia and comes to Tomsk.
Blossoms Potentilla from late may to September, at this time and need to go for healing rhizomes. We cannot allow continuous billet lapchatki. At least one blooming or productive plant must be left as seed for every 1 - 2 m2. Again in these places you can conduct procurement only in 6-7 years.
Appreciated at Kalgan rhizome, many-headed, tuberous or short cylindrical. In more humid places rhizome is larger. Collect it clear from adventitious roots, washed and dried. Dry rhizome solid and heavy. At the turn of the color they are red-brown, and the outside is dark-brown. Good astringent and bactericidal means. Use this plant to rinse with inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity and pharynx and inside with some gastrointestinal diseases.