The worn spots on legs

The fading feet - acute inflammation of the skin (dermatitis), caused by pressure, friction; more common toes, heels and ankles. Initially manifests itself by burning, pain and reddening limited skin, later blisters filled with serous fluid; sometimes susceptible to infections (lymphangitis, lymphadenitis, abscess, cellulitis). Dangerous wash the feet of people with metabolic diseases (diabetes), in which it can lead to the formation of deep and long-term healing of ulcers, and sometimes gangrene.
The treatment begins after elimination of the reasons that caused the disease. Shows a blurring of the affected area by 5% solution of tannin or 1-2% alcohol solution of methylene blue and other pain - dressing indifferent ointment (zinc). Bubbles reveal and apply a sterile dressing.
Prophylaxis: addressing the sweating of the feet before bedtime local baths of a weak solution of potassium permanganate (pink), daily washing of the feet, especially after a hike, walk barefoot in the summer, soft socks, convenient, "on foot" footwear (see).