Lost happiness, or what to do if your husband drinks

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 ...How many men drank vodka, 
 so many wives and children shed tears. 
 M. A. Semashko

Keep your happiness and the happiness of our loved ones... How to learn, how to realize its necessity? Usually the person starts to understand this simple wisdom when it's too late to change anything when everything is lost. The price of sufferings come some people to understand this. To understand the meaning of life is not so easy. Even harder to understand the complex psyche of the people that's bringing their loved ones grief and suffering. Sometimes talking to a person who has lost moral values, and kills another soul all that is beautiful for years to come. Sometimes it is enough of one time to be disappointed, then to not to believe in good, beautiful.
...Ella rocked the death of Andrei. Loved whether it is the man, who took nowhere in her life; the last time it was closed, alienated, don't expect anything from the present and especially the future. She was difficult to answer this question during their life together, but now she realized that was selfish love these. After several years without family, constantly feeling of unexplainable false shame because of this, Ella quite clearly understood how difficult it was for her to put up with his loneliness. The sudden appearance of another, located to her man was, as they say, the sun in the cold, foggy day.
All exciting, beautiful, he thought, was left behind: happy days of youth, first and unrealized girlish dreams.
...After graduating from the Institute, she went to work in the small town of Vitebsk region by the physical education teacher. There she met Maxim. He worked as an electrician, lived with his parents in a private house with a garden and a kitchen garden. Two months have passed since played a magnificent wedding. Parents of Maxim lived lavishly. The house is only enough. Even in the time short acquaintance Ella couple of times saw Maxim drunk, not so good, but alcohol was carried from afar. Not attached any importance.
Imperceptibly were held the days of their life together. Ella felt uncomfortable in a large house of the husband, although mother-in-law was at first treated her quite tenderly. However, threw oblique dissatisfied views, when in the morning, Ella did physical exercises, took water treatment. In this house, no one ever thought about physical education. For them it seemed indulgence, unworthy young wife. Ella was very worried, but the practice continued. Every morning she was up almost an hour earlier, practiced in the yard, ran, and took a cold shower.
At weekends could not sit at home. With the onset of winter made long ski trips, until late autumn was swimming in the nearby lake. Dragged along on the nature of Maxim, taught him to play chess, volleyball. He was Neohotel to such pastime. At first agreed, reluctantly and awkwardly ran after the ball. Over time, began to find various excuses to accompany his wife to the forest, by the lake or on the small Playground in the courtyard of the school.
Soon Ella was expecting a child. Just in this period it all started. She remembers that one evening sitting in a large room, furnished with expensive furniture, tried to read the book. But reading was not her, she anxiously waited for being late with Maxim. Suddenly he came in unstable drunken gait, with his blurred eyes, meaningless set in space. Changed beyond recognition expensive facial features are now disgusting gross. She felt fear, stood irresolutely, with outstretched hands, not realizing that wants to maintain it, staggering, or to reject, to defend themselves before this nightmare. Tonight there is nothing happen. Maxim lay down and slept, and she couldn't sleep a wink until almost the very morning. She was sick from the well-established in the bathroom vodka fume, overcame strange restlessness.