Hanging - compression of the neck organs loop, which is delayed under the weight of the body. Hanging out more often suicide, rarely murder. Known individual observations, when hanging was the result of an accident. Death caused by compression of the neck organs and complete closure of the tongue enter throat that prevents breathing, compression of the neck vessels, which leads to oxygen starvation of the brain and edema, and compression of the vagus nerve, which sometimes leads to reflex cardiac arrest; rarely occur dislocations of the spine and the compression of the spinal cord.
The most common symptom is hanging strangulation groove (mark on the skin of the neck caused by compression of a loop), which was suspended at the location of the site and placed obliquely, i.e. it rises to the site. Signs of a lifetime occurrence strangulation furrows are bleeding in the skin and soft tissues of the neck as in the field furrows, and on the edges. Occasionally find a fracture of the thyroid cartilage and Rozhkov the hyoid bone.
The signs of death from zadaszenia for the hanging include dark flooded cadaveric spots on feet and hands, if the hand was in a vertical position, biting of the tongue, involuntary selection of feces, urine, semen in men, multiple point bleeding of mucous membrane of the eyelids, face and other parts of the body.
Medical examiner is necessary to solve the question whether this was a simulation of hanging, i.e., if the corpse is hung in a loop after the murder of any other way to create a picture of samouverennyj. In these cases consider prizhiznennoi strangulation furrows, the material loop, a way of tying the knot, etc. During the examination of the scene out the possibility of blending loop own hand, assess the situation, in which there was the victim, the presence of his body damage, etc.
First aid: the hanged body should be raised without breaking the host, remove the loop; if the victim is still alive, he CPR (see), enter the heart and stimulating breath funds (see Asphyxia, the Recovery of the organism). In the future, there may be significant violations of the Central nervous system, often develop swelling or inflammation of the lungs, from which the patient can die within a few hours or days, so you need special treatment under medical supervision.
Cm. also Violent death.

Hanging - compression of the neck organs with a noose tightened under the weight of the body. Hanging - type mechanical zadaszenia. When forensic hanging pay attention to the loop.
There are loops stationary and moving, single and multiple, used materials - hard, semi-hard, soft, loop nodes can specify the profession of the person, zavazava site. The position of the body of the loop when P. usually vertical. However P. may be sitting, reclining, and even lying. From the position of the body of the loop depends on its location on the neck upward, oblique or horizontal. When samouverennyj can meet unusual, "artsy" pose.
There are two types of location of a loop on the neck: a typical site hinge is on the back of the neck and atypical - site find on the front or sides of the neck. From this (and also on material loops) depend on the degree of compression of the neck, quick death and morphological features P.
The pathogenesis of death by hanging is different. In a typical arrangement of a loop the root of the tongue closes the nasopharynx opening, preventing the flow of air into the lungs, and develops a picture of asphyxia (see). Cardiac activity continues for some time. The whole process of zadaszenia lasts 5-6 minutes, after which death occurs. Death by P. may occur very quickly, reflex, from a cardiac arrest due to irritation of the stray nerves and fibrillation of the heart. After the compression of the neck loop immediately arise deep frustration of functions of the cerebral cortex. Consciousness is lost in the flow first seconds (hence the helplessness hanged). There is compression of the loop of the arteries and veins of the neck. When atypical position of the loop, the Airways may not fully closed. Artery is compressed partially, and the blood continues to flow in the brain. This leads to a plethora of vessels of the head and the emergence of cyanosis, and puffiness of the face, Achkasov in the face and the sclera.
The main feature of hanging is the presence strangulation furrow - footprint caused by compression of the neck loop. In P. it is usually not closed in the area of the site. Furrow depending on the material loops can be soft or thick, brown or pale. The expert is necessary to solve the question about lifetime origin of the furrow. A sign indicating that it is prizhiznennoi, is the presence of hemorrhage in the furrow or at the edges. Occasionally find hemorrhage in the neck muscles, respectively furrow or at the places of attachment of the muscles to the bones, fractures of the thyroid cartilage, Rozhkov hyoid bone with bleeding into the surrounding tissue. Microscopically in the furrow lifetime of origin are damage to the epidermis, sealed and basophilia of the dermis, the plethora of vessels, swelling and minor bleeding in the dermis.
At corpses recovered from a loop, as a rule, well expressed cadaveric spots whose location has a great forensic value, indicating the position and the duration of stay of a corpse in the loop. The tip of the tongue can sometimes be out of my mouth and vulnerable to teeth. On the body, you can find traces of urine, semen and feces as a consequence of involuntary urination, ejaculation and defecation in convulsive period zadaszenia. Sometimes discover a variety of mechanical damage. Some of them (abrasions, bruises) occur in convulsive stage from shock body about any of the surrounding objects, other (for example, cut wounds on her wrists, neck) indicate attempts to hanging suicide in another way. Post-mortem injuries can occur from neglect the body, caused by rodents and other
When an internal study of the corpse found a picture of a quick death: dark, liquid blood in the vessels and the heart cavities, a plethora of internal organs, meninges, scattered petechial hemorrhages under the serous and mucous membranes. In the brain in 70% of cases of P. you can find microhemorrhages.
P., as a rule,is suicide, rarely murder. Known and random P. (for example, gripping the neck of the child between the bars of the bed). Meet simulation hanging - suspension of the corpse of the man killed in some other way. When assessing the case of Petrograd along with the autopsy findings importance is given to the examination of the scene and the issue of the possibility of imposing loop own hand in this situation.