Blunt objects when exposed at right angles to the surface of the body rarely break the integrity of the skin due to their strength and elasticity (tensile strength equal 8,82-36,26 MPa), and subject to the subcutaneous fatty tissue and muscle largely absorb the blow. Blow hard blunt object with energy 130-160 J. causes breaks small vessels and education bruise in accordance with the contour of damaging the surface. At impact with energies in the range of 150-200 G. happen local breaks and crush zone muscle tissue, and more than 200 j - razmyaty subcutaneous fat and peeling of the skin.
In those areas of the body where close to the skin are subject to the bone (the vault of the skull, the front surface of tibia and others), when struck by blunt objects arise wounds. The edges of the wound are sadnenia, at the bottom of it (if razdvigaya) detect cross connective tissue located jumpers. Relatively wide hitting the surface of the object generates wounds often a star-like form. The effects of the blunt edge or topolankova object causes the formation of RAS, follow the contour of the contact part of the facets of this subject. They (especially in the area of the scalp) can, to be like sliced or chopped wounds, but differ in the features of the bottom (Fig. 18). Small hitting the surface of the object (hammer, the butt of an axe) contributes to the Russian Academy of Sciences with angular edges (respectively ribs faces hitting the surface). Diagnostic sign of a wound caused by a blow with a blunt object, is the presence within its walls turned (vyvinute) hair bulbs, if the wound inflicted with a sharp object, then the hair follicles are dissected.
types hurt RAS
Fig. 18. Types hurt RAS

Blunt object, acting under the angle less than 90 degrees to the surface of the body, has not only direct pressure, but tangential. It will be greater, the smaller the angle of impact. In place of blunt angle 75 - 30 degrees formed the bruises and sadnenia. When reducing the direction of the angle of impact is only sednenie of the epidermis.
Massive blunt objects with considerable kinetic energy, if they act on the body at an acute angle, able to stratify the soft tissue. This created deep pockets filled streamed blood and wounds have ragged patchwork form, and the free edge of the flap facing in the direction from which carried out the impact of a blunt solid object.
With significant energy of external influence are damaged not only the soft tissue, and bones of the skeleton.