Injuries of the pelvis

The pelvis is a very strong education (for its destruction in case of compression is necessary to load in 10 000-15 000 M). Fractures of pelvic bones occur with a very strong impact, for example in road injury, falling from a great height. When blunt front greatest destruction are localized in the area of horizontal branches of the pubic bone and pubic tubercle. Often there is cracking body pubic bone with the formation of small fragments; the damage can be and femoral bone, but the main damage are located in the front half ring (Fig. 32).
fractures of the pelvis
Fig. 32. Localization most characteristic fractures of the pelvis.

When struck by blunt objects side fractures of the pelvis are located in a place of application of force; when struck by blunt objects in the rear of the greatest destruction of the bones occur also at the point of application of force, there is a transverse fracture of the sacrum and damage in the rear awn wings iliac bone and breaks the sacroiliac joints.
Analysis of morphological features damage CDs pelvic bones makes it possible to establish the nature of deformation and destruction, and thus to judge the mechanisms of occurrence of the injury.
Fractures of the pelvis are often accompanied by significant exposure surface spongy substance that leads to the accumulation of blood in the retroperitoneal space and abundant blood loss.