Internal injuries

The internal organs. When trauma by blunt objects damages may not fully reflect the nature and effect of external influences on the human body. Internal organs can hurt largely due to impact and shock. The propagation of a shock wave on parenchymal organ (spleen, liver, kidneys) cause cracking of the capsule and the gap tissue. Get damaged narrow zigzag shape, located in parallel each other and always cross in relation to the direction of the shock wave (Fig. 33).
The impact of the shock wave appears as bleeding in the field to suspend one of ligaments as a result of their prirastajte, which is especially characteristic of falling from a height and road trauma. When compressors massive object hollow organs can be damaged due to a sharp rise in pressure in their cavities. There are the so-called bullous emphysema, tears full of food the stomach, intestines, full bladder. Compression heavy objects can lead to displacement of the internal organs and damage their fragments of bones.

Fig. 33. Liver damage when exposed to a blunt object.