Damage to the urethra

The trauma of the urethra may be printed from the inside, i.e. by its light, or from the outside. In the latter case, the damage is closed (subcutaneous), or open.
Endourethral injury is caused due to incompetence or forced metal catheter, bougie, the cystoscope, especially in the presence of obstacles in the urethra, such as stricture or adenoma prostate gland. Violating the integrity of the mucous membranes, the tool gets under it and forms a false door in the wall of the urethra, and sometimes in the surrounding tissue. Damaged by acute pain and urethrorrhea. If false move penetrates the interior of the prostate or damaged cavernous body of the urethra, the bleeding may take a menacing character.
If you suspect a false education stroke (acute pain, urethrorrhea) should immediately remove the tool not to renew attempts to introduce it within 5 days. The bleeding usually stops soon. If it is profuse in nature and does not stop, apply a pressure bandage on the trailing part of the urethra or perineum depending on the injury.
Deep false move could lead to the development periuretralnuu infiltrate or abscess, and further - stricture.