Damage to the penis

The most easy closed injuries of the penis is bruised without breaking the tunica and cavernous phone Hemorrhage limited to subcutaneous tissue; because of its looseness it is extensive, often spreading to the scrotum.
Under the influence of cold bleeding stops soon. After 3-4 days appoint the heat - warm compress or dry heat that promotes the resorption of hematomas.
The dislocation of the penis there is tearing of the ligaments connecting the legs of the penis with pelvic bones. The root of the penis is shifted to the pubic area or perineum. At separation head from the foreskin of the penis can slip out of his skin tube.
Treatment consists of exposure of the ligaments and stitching them; at separation head from foreskin produce the reduction of the penis and suture.
Severe damage to the penis is called a fracture of his erect. Fracture is accompanied by a distinctive crunch from rupture of the tunica and the corpus cavernosum, as well as a sharp pain, and sometimes shock. Erection immediately terminated, penis swells as a result of extensive subfascial hematoma. The latter applies to the scrotum, perineum, inner thighs and lower abdomen. If both violated the integrity of the urethra, external opening of its outstanding blood, in the future can develop and urinary leakages.
The diagnosis is not difficult.
Conservative treatment consists of bed, dressing, holding his penis in an elevated position, the use of cold, calcium chloride, vikasola. With 5-6-th day appointed thermal procedures for resorption of hematomas.
It is expedient to expose the gap and to impose kedgotoline seams on a defect of the tunica. In case of damage to the urethra defect last sutured and urine away by cystostomy. Urinary leakages drain. In further damage to one of the corpus cavernosum of the penis during erection is bent in the direction of damage since the dense connective tissue at the site of rupture prevents the blood filling the peripheral part of the corpus cavernosum.
If the damage is both corpus cavernosum sexual intercourse may become difficult or even impossible. Softening scars promotes the iontophoresis potassium iodide.
Open injuries. From cut and stab injuries light of a violation of the intact Skin of the penis and foreskin. Due to the elasticity of the skin wound widely gaping poured out the blood blocks lymphatic vessels, which leads to swelling of the penis.
The bleeding stopped suturing on the skin.
When cut and stab wounds cavernous bodies, accompanied with profuse bleeding, bleeding around the blood vessels.
Even in deep intersection of the corpora cavernosa and the urethra when the peripheral part of the penis is left hanging on a piece of skin, you must adhere to conservative tactics is to stitch the urethra and the corpus cavernosum, to impose suprapubic the sinus to drain urine. In most cases, the blood circulation in the peripheral areas of the corpora cavernosa is restored; partially restored and erectile their ability. Only in the complete necrosis or gangrene of the penis valid amputation.
When complete amputation of the penis knife or the razor bleeding is stopped by the chip AA. dorsales penis superficiales, AA. dorsales penis located there as well under the fascia, and AA. profundae penis, held in the center of each of the corpus cavernosum. The edges of the tunica is sutured. Urine drains the imposition suprapubic or perineal fistula.
Gunshot wounds of the penis flow is heavier than closed, due to the accession of infection. Erectile dysfunction when open wounds are more significant than in subcutaneous.
In the treatment of open damage the penis should use extreme conservatism. In primary treatment of wounds crushed tissue excise economically. Repetiruyut only explicitly dead skin cells, defects is taken in. The resulting scars skin is excised and defects replace with a skin graft, as scars can cause curvature of a member during erections.
If due to injury in the cavernous body formed of rough scars that violate the erection, their excised and sew the tunica albuginea. Improved erections, but not completely restored because the place istechenii scars are formed new, albeit more gentle.
Complete amputation of the penis requires the creation of artificial penis. From the skin of the abdomen is cut out stalked flap, which is sewn into a tube. After proper training of the stem (using Filatova) tube attached to the cult of the penis and its clearance is injected resected plot rib cartilage.