Damage to the testicles

Subcutaneous injury testicle occurs rarely, such as when riding on horseback or by Bicycle, when the kick. Injury of one or both testicles accompanied with sharp pain, often a shock.
Bleeding in the subcutaneous tissue causes swelling of the scrotum and purple color of her skin. Testicles enlarged, sealed and painful. In 2-3 weeks hematoma resolves. At a superficial injury testicular it returned to normal, with a deep damage comes its atrophy. Directly after the injury, it is recommended high position of the scrotum and cold. Further apply compresses and other heat, accelerating the resorption of hematomas. In the formation of an abscess its open and drain.
Open damaged testicles are often encountered during the war in the form of gunshot wounds him, mostly in combination with a thigh injury, the penis, the urethra. Edge of skin wounds, due to the elasticity of the skin of the scrotum, diverge widely, in most cases fall one or both testicles. The testicle may be damaged to different degrees, up to complete his crush zone. Fresh egg after the rejection of necrotic areas covered by granulations and merges with the edges of skin wounds.
The outcome of injury depends on the nature of the damage to the testicles. If the blood supply to his saved, with the seemingly complete razlozhenii testicular some parts of the parenchyma further recover and the function of the testis is saved. Therefore, in primary treatment of wounds should keep even the smallest viable sites, especially when wounded both testicles.
After remitting inflammatory phenomena egg allocate from cicatrices with skin and immerse into the scrotum. The skin is sewn. The wound usually heals a primary tension, although it breeds infection. This is due to the plentiful blood supply to the scrotum and testis.
Plastic properties of the skin of the scrotum so great that the small remnant of it is enough to recreate the scrotum.