The basic asanas poses "Lotus"

pose bhastrikaPose "Lotus": its implementation can be started, sitting on a chair, and then, when - in the attitude of "bhastrika".
The order of execution poses. Sitting on the floor, put your right foot on the left hip, bending the knee and put the right foot (outer part of the ascent) at the upper part of the thigh and groin. Then bend your left knee and relegated to the left knee and left foot is placed on the right thigh top, the rear part of the ascent. Knees apart and (if possible) lying on the floor with the heels of both feet - at the groin. In India, the Lotus flower is a symbol of purity of spirit and fully developed consciousness.
Just as on the surface of the swamp floating white, perfectly pure Lotus flower and pure spirit of yoga soars, not by carnal desires and dirt life, over temptations and low instincts of people. In this position the full symmetry of our body increases harmony distribution of power, the balance of our positive and negative currents, raising actions breathing exercises.
the Lotus position (Padmasana)"Padmasana" is the most effective posture for breathing exercises while sitting. In this position we focus on the heart, breathe correctly. Sitting still and subordinating thoughts to his will, we do not allow them to disperse. In this way we knowingly collect a great number of creative energy. Action exercise comparable to the great river, suddenly blocked by a dam. In rising water there is great strength. Through external and internal discipline of yoga control and keep flowing creative energy. Because of thoughtlessness, silence and inaction accumulated powerful positive force.
Therapeutic effect of the position of "Lotus" - creates a physical and mental stability and overall calm the nervous system. The effect varies depending on breathing exercises, which are combined with the attitude of " Lotus".
the pose of SalasanaSiddhasana - pose of "Contemplation"
The order of execution poses. Sitting on the floor with crossed (in Turkish) feet, put your right foot on the left hip. For those who Padmasana too difficult, we recommend you to perform Siddhasana. The attitude of " Contemplation" has the same therapeutic effect, that Padmasana.