Caring for older patients

When caring for older patients to take into account features of an aging organism: reduce adaptive capacity, sometimes mental changes, and other Feature of many diseases in old age is atypical sluggish during without pronounced temperature reaction, without changes in the pattern of blood, relatively quick accession of severe complications. In old age often appears sensitivity to a range of medicines, and therefore the treatment is strictly adapted. The General rule geriatric pharmacology is to reduce a dosage of medicinal substances. Susceptibility to infections requires particularly careful hygiene care. Emotional instability, easy vulnerability old man, and for vascular diseases of the brain - the reduction of memory, intellect, helplessness, and sometimes untidiness require patient, sympathetic courtship and active participation of medical personnel in the conduct of personal hygiene.
The period of strict bed rest should always be reduced to begin early massage, breathing and hygienic gymnastics. In connection with the unstable emotional state, usually accompanied by insomnia, designate a sedative and sleep AIDS (in small doses!). Nutrition of older persons should be frequent, low-calorie (no more than 2-2,5 thousand calories), with a larger number and a vast complex of vitamins.