Physical therapy for diseases of the joints and spinal osteochondrosis

According to the recommendations of the III all-Union Congress of rheumatologists (1985), diseases of the joints are divided by aetiological basis into three main groups: inflammatory diseases (arthritis), degenerative forms (osteoarthritis) and mixed inflammatory-degenerative (arthropathies).
The joint diseases inflammatory nature include: rheumatoid arthritis, or polyarthritis; Bechterew's disease (ankylosing spondylitis); arthritis, combined with spondylitis; arthritis associated with infection (bacterial, viral).
To degenerative diseases of the joints are the primary osteoarthritis (oligarthrus, monarrez, spondylosis, spondylarthrosis, intervertebral osteochondrosis) and secondary (on the grounds of injuries, static violations).
Diseases of the joints, which has a mixed inflammatory-degenerative in nature, are: microcrystalline arthritis (gout, chondrocalcinosis, hydroxyapatite arthropathy and others) and arthropathies on the grounds of allergic disease or metabolic disorders.
Inflammation in arthritis accompanied by a selection of synovial fluid that stretches joint bag. It causes pain and swelling of the joint, and muscle spasm, which, in turn, causes a restriction of movement in the joint. When recovery of these changes have consequences. In the case of disease progression articular cartilage dissolved, the joint cavity overgrown fibrous tissue that can result in ankylosis joints contractures and sprains.
Treatment of arthritis should be complex. In primary nosological forms use the medication, contributing to the elimination of infectious hearth and reduce inflammatory changes, diet therapy and balneotherapy (mud treatment, hydrogen sulphide and radon baths), therapeutic physical training, massage. In secondary arthritis special attention is paid to treatment of the underlying disease. Sometimes resort to surgical treatment of arthritis.
Osteoarthritis represent a separate group of diseases characterized by degenerative changes in intra-articular tissues. Thus broken the processes of regeneration washable at movement of the cartilage surfaces. On the cartilage cracks, roughness and marginal bone growth. In joint pain and inflammation. Arthritis often develop in athletes at irrational training.
In the initial stages of osteoarthritis of the major therapeutic measure is avoiding congestion, a significant reduction training loads for a period of 4-6 months. Treatment is usually conservative: medicamental therapy, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, medical physical culture. Sometimes hard place and difficult to treat diseases resorting to surgery. Often the operation is reduced to the closure of the affected joint (fusion). After surgery pain disappear, however, greatly disturbed function of the joint, which the patients have persistently develop various mechanisms of functional compensation.