Pregnancy (Praegnantolum; synonym Gravitol) is a synthetic drug that causes vasoconstriction and increased contractions of the uterus muscles. Pregnancy prescribed for atony, hypotonia of the uterus during labor and low back the development of the uterus in the postpartum period, uterine bleeding in the climacteric period. Applied inside 1 tab. (0.02 g) after meals 3-4 times per day; under the skin and intramuscularly administered 1 ml of 1% solution 1-2 times a day. Dosage form: tablets of 0.02 g citrate pregnancya and ampoules to 1 ml 1 % solution hydrochloride pregnancya.
Cm. also Uterine funds.

Pregnancy (Praegnantolum; synonym Gravitolum) is a synthetic drug that has the property of narrowing the blood vessels and increase the uterus; dietilaminoetanola aired 6-allyl-2-methoxyphenol. Used in atony, hypotension uterus during childbirth and to reduce the uterus in the postpartum period. Pregnancy not increase blood pressure. Enter inside of 0.02 g 3-4 times a day after meals; subcutaneously or intramuscularly for the 1-2 ml of 1% solution. Method of production: ampoules to 1 ml 1% solution hydrochloride l of tablets of 0.02 g citrate. Cm. also Uterine funds.