Practical training in the section "Hygiene air"

The definition of air temperature. The temperature of the air is most often measured by mercury or alcohol thermometers.
For the determination of air temperature fluctuations in time use the instrument-recorder-thermograph (Fig. 2). Perceiving part of it consists of a curved bimetallic plate (a). At fluctuations of temperature changes the curvature radius of a plate that with leverage is passed to the arrow (b). At the end of the arrow has a pen, writing on the ribbon, divided by hours and days. The tape wound on a rotating drum which is a complete turn can do for a day or a week. Readings thermograph less accurate than the maximum thermometer.

Fig. 2. Thermograph:
a - bimetallic strip; b - arrow with a pen; - rotating drum.

To determine the exact temperature of the air in the room it is measured at various points and then determine the average temperature.
To determine the uniformity of the temperature of the air in the room it is determined in five points, located at a distance of 50 cm from the walls at 0.25 m from the floor, 2 m from the floor and 0.25 m from the ceiling. The temperature readout is produced in 10 minutes
The difference in temperature readings horizontal shall not exceed 2 degrees vertically - 1 degree for every meter of height.