Proper breathing is essential for good health

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Enhanced respiratory activity improves lung currency. On the contrary, respiratory failure quickly leads breathing apparatus to the weakening and increases its susceptibility to various diseases.
Therefore, breathing in addition to the direct effects on the body reflex by increases vitality of the whole body.
Often repeated acute rhinitis is not fully cured and becomes chronic, which is always difficult nasal breathing. The cause of chronic rhinitis can be adenoid tissue growth in the nasopharynx and diseases of nasal accessory sinuses (sinusitis, frontal sinusitis).
As a result of chronic inflammation in the nose can begin the growth of polyps, sometimes they grow so that a completely deprive the child of the possibility to breathe through the nose. The consequences of such conditions - headache, disorders of taste, loss of smell, voice change, the emergence of gnyawali, cough. Because polyps difficulty breathing through the nose, especially in the supine position, the children are sleeping with his mouth open, breathing through the mouth, snore. This appears dry mouth, thirst, forcing children often Wake up at night and ask for a drink.
Such children is poorly developed chest. It becomes flattened laterally. Protrudes sternum. Develops the so-called "chicken Breasts. One can often observe and other irregularity in the development of the chest - extension of the upper part and the narrowing of the lower. This is due to insufficient work of respiratory muscles, due to the fact that the child breathes through the mouth.
After surgical treatment of adenoid razreshenii children start to gain weight, it makes them blush, they become mobile, asleep, stop snoring. But the habit to breathe through the mouth they have for a long time! And while they do not appear ability to breathe through the nose, they are still a long time may have a runny nose and cough.
So after surgery, children should always some time to bteach to breathe through the nose, teach them the skill of nasal breathing. This help respiratory training exercises, special exercises, which we will present further. Also, be sure after gymnastics need to wipe the body with water, air and sun baths, to swim in the river, in the sea. And of course, Hiking and to spend more time in the air, regardless of the time of year and weather.
Experience special confirmed the effectiveness of therapeutic breathing exercises after removal of the adenoids and tonsils, especially in cases, when after surgery nasal breathing for a long time is not restored. Apparently, this state is the result of complex pathological reflexes, which are fixed to the same long-mouth breathing. Only as a result of persistent process of "breathing retraining" possible to restore normal physiological act of breathing through the nose.
For any other type of disease the use of breathing exercises brings exceptional benefits - strengthening breathing apparatus, brought up the ability to control your breathing.
Special importance is the therapeutic exercise in the home when the extract children from hospital after suffering a lung disease that can turn into a chronic form as bronchitis, pneumosclerosis, bronchiectasis, etc.
Gymnastics first of all have a favorable effect on the Central nervous system, mechanisms which violated as a result of the disease; they restore the act of breathing, its rhythm, depth, warn profound changes in the lungs in the form of adhesions. Accelerates the resolution of infiltrates deal wrinkled areas of the lung tissue is restored normal blood supply, eliminates congestion in the lung tissue and respiratory tract. Through exercises recovering the broken functions of other systems, such as cardiovascular, caused by the disorder of the functions of breathing, is training the entire body. In patients increases tone, improving their psychological state.