Proper breathing is essential for good health

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At the beginning of the practice sometimes there may be some aggravation increased cough, there are complaints about chest pain. But it does not last long. Soon get the better: cough disappear, terminated or reduced sputum, children are much less tired.
Cause dramatic shifts in the work of breathing apparatus may be, and bronchial asthma. Her attacks disrupt sleep, increase overall anxiety, affect the appetite and generate oppressive mood. Children with asthma usually lag behind in weight and height, slouch. In asthma sharply difficult to exhale, and so the light is constantly filled with air, vzduchu. On this basis may develop emphysema - severe, intractable disease.
Bronchial asthma is an allergic disease. Chronic defeat mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, frequent infections (whooping cough, measles, influenza, tonsillitis, pneumonia and other) cause irritation to the nerve endings of the bronchi, leading to spasm and changes secretory function of mucous glands.
Bronchial asthma is a very painful and debilitating condition.
It is established that the combination of medical treatment of asthma with the active engagement of therapeutic gymnastics is the most effective treatment.
Physical exercise is a strong stimulus. The flow of impulses from the working muscles is in the cerebral cortex and changes in it pathological lesions.
When performing breathing exercises, especially with the pronunciation of sounds "a", "o", "u", "f", "W" on the exhale, reflex reduced or removed spasms of the smooth muscle bronchi, reduces acute swelling of the lungs, warned emphysema. In the process of physical therapy sessions produced a conditioned reflex of correct breathing. The effect of therapeutic gymnastics is higher, the younger the child, and the lower the duration of the disease.
To use physical exercises for diseases of the respiratory system have very skillfully. Do not underestimate the total training and to reduce the whole gymnastics only to breathing exercises. It is important first of all to strengthen the weakened organism as a whole, to promote the development of muscles of the torso, arms and legs, and this help General developmental exercises, which must be permeated every lesson. Recommendations in the selection of these exercises can be found in any book, and radio delivers daily complexes of exercises with the permission of the doctor, you can do the children. However, the number of repetitions of exercises that require physical voltage must be reduced, and more importantly, in these lessons should include exercises, recommended for home workout recovering various diseases.
To call a General reaction from all systems and organs and to provide the training of the whole body, should be applied exercises with General physiological-effects - walking, Jogging, squats, jumping, etc. including them in every lesson.
Below you will meet with a number of special breathing exercises.
We recommend their children to develop skills of correct breathing through the nose. In addition, these exercises are very useful for children suffering from bronchial asthma and residual phenomena after various diseases of the lungs.
Provide three exercises. Most of the movements accompanied extended exhalation is the reflex causes, in turn, deep breath. The sounds are pronounced only by a slender exhalation.