Proper breathing is essential for good health

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There is another lung disease, which is long and causes the necessity to work with children at home respiratory gymnastics. This is pleurisy. It can be exudative and purulent. When any form classes breathing exercises contribute to the prevention of adhesive processes, elimination of the formed adhesions and growths in the chest cavity, to prevent the deformation of the chest, improve circulation in the lungs and pleura and restore the function of breathing.
In this disease the most effective one-way traffic (torso, rotation, and so on), the implementation of which calls the maximum tensile intercostal spaces on the side of the chest, where it was the defeat pleura and lungs. Very useful exercises with gymnastic sticks, clubs, balls. As the child recovers, should be included in the training of walking, Jogging, walking, skiing, rowing and other sports. But to start physical exercises only a month after onset of illness dry pleurisy, and a month and a half after exudative. Breathing exercises contribute to the development of respiratory and General strengthening of an organism. A very widely used therapeutic exercise in children with pulmonary tuberculosis. Therapeutic gymnastics help to improve gas exchange in the lungs, change in mineral metabolism and improve the immune system, i.e. the body's resistance against diseases.
Children suffering from tuberculosis of the lungs, therapeutic exercise shown in all closed and open forms, certainly, with sustained temperatures of the body, and if there is no flash and sharp depletion. In addition to therapeutic exercises with these children need to use all the variety of hardening natural factors of nature, hygiene, motor mode and labor therapy.
We don't give special exercises, as in various stages of tuberculosis are applied, as a rule, General developmental exercise, only the degree of difficulty varies depending on age of children and their physical fitness.
It's better to build a class like this: start with a walk around the room or place for 1.5-2 minutes, then complete the exercise in stretching for upper limbs, then to the bottom (alternate leg curl, squat). After this exercise for the body (tilts forward or to the side), then the movement of the arms, legs and final walk for 2,5-3 minutes. Before you walk well within 30-40 seconds run around the room or on the place, moving to walk. Doing exercises, we have deeply and breathe rhythmically, combining breath while lifting of the arms to the side and up and exhale with a lowering of his hands down and "squeezing" of air from the chest.
Of paramount importance is the education of children proper breathing. The most important thing is to learn to breathe through the nose, which keeps dust, moistens and warms and disinfects the air you breathe, protecting the body from disease.
I remember my two little patients, which I have long observed and treated. One six-year-old Misha Karpov, went with his mother to my office, hard and brokenly coughed. Then slowly raised her head, hardly took a breath and looked at me dead serious, frightened eyes.
I knew immediately what he is afraid of a repeat attack. The mother of the child said that such a painful attacks of breathlessness repeated Misha one or two times a month.